Video FOD Diary Dissection

By Adie Mutlow

In today’s blog you’re going to learn about the food dairy of Adie Mutlow who attends Crossfit Bath along with my colleague Simon Lovell. Adie is looking to improve a few areas of his diet to assist with his strength, performance and a certain amount of fat loss. In the video I break down some important areas of improvement that can be quickly made and may apply to you as well.

If you’d like more of my Crossfit nutrition tips then please head to the blog to view the past articles and videos. If you would like to overhaul your nutrition then check out the full Paleo In A Box system by clicking here.

Oh, we’re aware that Dissection is spelt wrong, and to Adie for his name, I didn’t double check it. Twos slaps on the wrists for me!

Top 6 Videos of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Strength, Passion


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& Love

I’m very pleased to say that it was confirmed today that Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, former gymnast turned WOD athlete will be on the test team for the forthcoming Paleo In A Box - you can pre-register here to the early bird. Camille will be providing feedback on the product before official release. Camille is really serious about her nutrition and follows Paleo, so she’s the perfect athlete to working with us.

Camille really started to be noticed to be taken notice in the 2010 games when she finished in the top 10. In 2011, Camille finished a brilliant 12th in the world and went onto take charge in the Canada East Regional willing all but the final event. She’s even set a world record in the 100s workout with a super quick time of 15:11 – beating the record holder Annie Thorisdottir by 49 seconds.


Here I’ve picked out my top favourite videos of Camille who along with many of the other female athletes is really a massive inspiration.

Paleo Videos