Jon Burgess False Favourites Horse Laying Review

Submitted by: Jon Toder

False Favourites is a horse bet method invented by certified Betfair trainer J. Burgess making use of proven statistical basis. It has gone through a succession of tests, and inspections by the best horse betting web sites and guides thus, you can rest assured you will be directed by a horse race betting system that has passed quality standards.

There are lots of horse betting techniques guaranteeing you horse betting success showing up on the web too often to keep track of it is becoming more and more difficult to find one that actually makes money.

So what is this False Favourites system all about and how good is it?

If you have ever downloaded a horse racing system before, one thing that will strike you about horse betting technique by Jonathan Burgess is the vast wealth of inf


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ormation contained in the e-book. This is not the usual 20 or 30 pages padded out with irrelevant information. There is 237 pages of professional, accurate, and great horse bet racing information. False Favourites horse betting by Mr. Burgess Is a horse race betting methodology invented to help people make money by laying horses on Betfair consistently with minimal risk. Jonathan Burgess, a accredited Betfair trainer, has been and is making a steady income for decades by placing horse race bets with his winning system.

"False Favourites" is a eBook that not only uncovers the strategy sought after for laying favourites successfully and profitably, but will also give you eye opening data into racing form in general.

Jonathan Burgess is an accredited Betfair trainer and his advice in False Favourites will help you immensely in your pursuit to win with Laying Horses.

When I downloaded the entire False favourites system I was initially surprised to see that the entire horse racing system is incredibly easy to comprehend from the basics all the way through to the detailed exact horse betting strategies. With practice your ability to spot the False Favourites with Jonathan horse bet system will become 2nd nature.

Keep in mind you want to begin betting small amounts until the you understand the horse laying system and you have the False Favourites system of making money down pat.

Mr Burgess does not give false hope by lying about what can be accomplished with False Favourites. What he does with his False Favourites system is show you months and months of his past results showing consistent profits over the long haul. On the average the system identifies around 2 dozen horses per month to lay. 66% of the horses selected as favourites lose the race! False Favourites helps you identify the 'False Favourites' so that you can make consistent profit without having to risk much of your money.

Lay betting is betting on any one single horse in a race which you predict will NOT win. This kind of horse race bet can only be made on the betting exchanges AGAINST other punters, and NOT against the bookmakers. You take the role of a bookmaker and let OTHER gamblers bet against you. On a betting exchange, you simply have to click on the pink button to lay instead of the blue back button. An interesting and different perspective on horse betting.

The ONLY real reason a horse becomes a favourite is there are lots of people betting on the horse, making its odds lower and lower. The general public is usually wrong about their predictions with racing results! Can you begin to see the implications with Jon Burgess False Favourites horse lay system?

If you Download False Favourites now here is what you get:

-False Favourites horse bet systems(2 books: Laying favourites in National Hunt racing & Laying favourites in Flat racing)

-3 Bonus publications including:

-FREE subscription to the Betting School Insiders Report

-Access to Jon Burgess horse laying newsletter

-Drifting Favourites

False Favourites horse laying system updates are included


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