Binary Options Swap

Submitted by: John Mill

Swap is the most complex of derivatives that exist in the binary options market amongst all other. It has two sides to it making it all the more complex. Other terms that have such double sided meaning or effect are switches, rollovers and spreads. In a short explanation or as a gist of its explanation, they all refer to exchanging one asset for another. One gives something and gets back something in return of the exchange. An example could be one buying gold for delivery of the asset in New York on a certain day and selling gold in another market say UK the next week. Swap means a long term deal that is quite complex in nature. In swap, deals vary by each individual case. No transaction can be equated with another and even the time, the asset etc all vary from case to case.

There are traders who swap risk itself. There ar


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e others who swap cash flow. It’s a thriving market today and that proves that it is a very popular form of trading or speculating or getting into deals.

Of the entire asset that is being swapped, there is the interest rate that has found greatest popularity in the Swap market amongst traders. Swapping fixed interest rate against a floating interest rate risk is one example of such a trade that takes place.

If for example one has to take a loan, the option is to take it at a fixed rate. There is however a chance that one may be able to give away this floating prime rate obligation and accept the loan at a fixed rate at a later date. This would surely come at a price. This has turned so popular that it has taken a label of its own termed “give floating, take fixed”.

The other live example of this can be seen in the market in a big way when dealers hedge on type of derivative with another like a futures contract.

Explaining swaps in a short space is just not possible. It has its own share of complexities and variations which would take long lines of text to explain and that too with live examples only would it be clear to the reader. One must first get a hang of the terms and processes like binary options, futures and forwards. These trading terminologies have to be well understood for one to understand Swap. Swap is derivatives if these terms and processes.

There is lot of information on Swap available on the net. It would require careful and meticulous reading to understand the concept. One can also take help of brokers who are available online to comprehend this Swap process. Registered clients of binary options at some broker’s site would get instant help on this subject from the panel of experts who are in the broker’s payroll. That is one aspect that one must remember while selecting an online broker for binary options. Having one, that has a panel of experts not only helps in getting tips about binary options itself but also about things like Swap and other such complex trading terms and processes.


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