Seduction Secrets From A Jerk

Submitted by: Andres Munoz

You have seen it time and time again jerks treating women poorly and incredibly their women stay loyal and love them for it. In fact you see it so many times you wonder how they get away with it and secretly you envy them. Again and again you see your friends treating her like a dirty rag and at the same time he has her wrapped around his pinky doing his laundry and making him a sandwich when he’s hungry.

I’m not talking about the abusive coward who beats his women when she speaks up. I’m talking about the guy who is not afraid to put a women in her rightful place when she acts bratty, refuses to call her every day and isn’t afraid to have a boys night out and talk to other women. They give women respect in doses here and there, while the nice guy will do anything for them.

How does he hold


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such power over her? Simply said he keeps her on egg shells and she doesn’t know what to expect next.

She really doesn’t know what he’ll do next and it’s that mix of confidence and mystery that hold her captive in his grasp. This type of guy exudes confidence the way men with low self esteem can’t.

However there is another reason why women are attracted to jerks. They think they can change them. Although every woman will argue what I’ve written so far is crap the truth is that women simply aren’t attracted to ‘nice guys’. They find jerks or bad boys to be a challenge and they always get the girl in the end.

The bottom line is then when you see these bad boys busting their chops playing hard to get it actually sparks an attraction with women simply because women especially hot women aren’t used to men talking to them that way. Women will chase any man that is able to ignite those passions in her and totally ignore the fact that she should probably really go after the nice guy.

It doesn’t matter what a woman needs or what she wants, women always follow their emotions. When a woman states she wants a nice guy who is tall, in shape and has brown hair, she is lying. Problem is that she doesn’t even realize it because a guy can be overweight, average height with blonde hair however if he playfully breaks her chops, calls her out and refuses be a doormat but at the same time can show some respect. She will choose this jerk over the nice guy every time.

Women aren’t logical when it comes to attraction. It’s very hard for a man to be attracted to a woman whom he’s not attracted to. I personally like women with short hair, slim build and large breasts. I won’t approach women that are overweight or with flat chests. Is it cold hearted? Maybe, but that’s how we men are. Men’s brains are hard-wired to be logical and when it comes to attraction even more so. Men will naturally gravitate to that “type” of woman they are attracted to.

Women will almost always respond to the spark jerks or bad boys ignite so there is no shame in becoming that guy because that is what she secretly desires. Stop being that pathetic spine donor and stand up to that bratty girl next time she steps out of line! Believe me she will respect you more in the end!


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