8 Specific Ways to Success With Blogging

Submitted by: Peter Lawless

Could you imagine the benefits more informed readers could bring your business?

Do you have anything that could really tell other people that could even help them make see a way to buy even more from you, because they feel good and it just makes sense?

If you really want to use your blog to get more business, you might want to seriously consider the following:

• Short – Write short snappy informative posts that make people curious

• Personal – Be you, people like people who are honest

• Easy to Find – Use directories, post to other people's blogs and link from your main website

• Commonplace – forget all the formalities and write as you would speak in the pub!

• Interesting – So what makes your stuff interesting – slip


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in your unique value in a way to catch attention

• Frequent – Keep doing it and do it often, people love new stuff

• Interactive – Turn off moderation, allow people just express themselves – then you know what they think

• Content – Make it real, with great content that adds value to the reader so they want to come back

Interaction is the word of our times. Customers want to participate and they love to hold anonymous discussions about their ideas and opinions. If you give them chance to meet and to express their feelings and their experience with your product, on the one hand you are undertaking the risk of the uncontrolled word of mouth, but on the other hand you will obtain numbers of prospects coming to your website and being interested in what you do.

Today it is crucial to be talked about. If nobody talks about you, how will you attract new customers? And marketing is above all about generating interest.

So How You Set up your Company Blog Right Now

There are several ways how you can start and here I recommend the most frequent and the easiest ones. Moreover, they both are free. So if you are sitting at your computer right now, just go to www.blogger.com and sign in with your Gmail account.

When you see a large button “Create Your Blog Now”, hit it, fill in the basic data such as your blog title and its URL, choose a template and start posting!

What Do Money Generating Posts Look Like

In business, and this applies to the other areas of life as well, it is crucial to have your objectives defined if you want to succeed. Business approach to blogging differs from personal blogs in strong orientation on the goal achievement.

Therefore, you should add these characteristics to your blog as they will help you increase online sales:

Linked to your website

In your posts, make sure you link often to content-related sales pages of your website. Moreover, these “landing pages” should clearly state the benefits of what you are selling and visitors should be able to hit the “buy now” button without having to click anywhere else.

Frequent usage of your keywords

Keywords, the magic of all online campaigns, should not only appear in your individual posts, but also in the hidden elements of your blog, such as your username, blog title and meta tags. Focus on specific keyword phrases as they do not face too strong competition and people looking for them are usually better qualified buyers.

Fresh content

This is the essence of any blog so please, stick to regular posting. If you find it difficult to write on your own, here are other options to consider:

• Hire a professional copywriter or

• Quote other writers' articles you find on the Internet.

Now you might ask about the copyright issue and this really is not an issue as soon as you always provide the resource of the article. Moreover, if you put a link to the whole article, the owner will even thank you for increasing his website traffic.


Blogging nowadays plays an important role in online business and once you start with your own posts you will not only enjoy writing itself but you will also feel great satisfaction when you spot buyers enticed by your blog.


About the Author: This article is one of many sales and marketing articles written by Peter Lawless of http://www.3r.ie - Marketing Consultant delivering Marketing Strategy & Online Marketing, Sales Trainer, and Public Speaker..

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