Body Building And The Body Building Supplement: Then And Now

Submitted by: IPRWire Staff Writer

Not long ago, going to get a body building supplement meant getting ready, grabbing the car keys, and driving across town to an anonymous strip mall filled with donut shops and industrial shoe stores. Asking the sales clerk for advice wasn’t much easier. Often, they were either die-hard lifters who couldn’t really relate to their smaller lifting cousins. Or, even worse, many were young teenagers more interested in seeing just how high the store speaker system could go before “blowing” out. Luckily, times have changed.

In 1867, when a man named Eugen Sandow (“The Father of Modern Body Building”) first launched body building, it served as merely a way for photographers to show off their new technology by snapping pictures of unique, chiseled forms. Sandow, and


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others like him, built their bodies to look like Greek statues and posed to define their sculpted physiques. From there, bodybuilding morphed into a small sport compromised of serious competitors and growing physiques.

Some men even toured as sort of a “freak show,” posing and performing for circuses and fairs. However, the most famous—and best—body builders went on years later to show their hard-earned bodies at up-and-coming competitions such as “Mr. Olympia” and Mr. Universe.” These men lifted for the sheer joy of lifting and never dreamed that their solitary sport would one day become an American pastime. Nor could they ever have envisioned a body building supplement in the form of pills, shakes, drinks, or bars. Their supplements consisted of raw eggs and huge slabs of steak, not high-powders and easy-to-swallow tablets.

Once thought of as a sport simply for iron-willed men, body building has become a blossoming pastime for the elderly, teenagers, sports players, and even pregnant women. The benefits of building muscle to aid in resisting bone loss and burning fat have become widely known. Coaches everywhere understand that strength in the gym translates into strength on the field. Doctors know that a strong, healthy body equals a long, healthy, and happy life. Using the right body building supplement makes reaping these benefits easier than ever before.

Today, people from all walks of life use body building to feel better, look better, and have fun. Bodybuilding isn’t just about carnival shows, old photographs, or competitions anymore. It also isn’t a relic of the past, it’s a pastime. Its benefits are recognized for superior sports performance, better health, and increased self-esteem. Without a doubt, Eugen Sandow could never have envisioned a time when bodybuilding would be such a widespread activity.

Now, finding the perfect body building supplement is as easy as turning on a computer and clicking a mouse. No longer are bodybuilders forced to chug glasses of raw eggs or shop in abandoned strip malls. They have stepped through the door of the past into a bright future. Make sure to visit for a wide array of effective and below list price supplements to see just how far bodybuilding has come.


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