Forex Signals-Promising Forex Megadroid - Is it Too Good to Be True?

Submitted by: Thaddeusci Mooney

Have you wished you could foretell the future? Imagine what would occur if you knew the winning lotto numbers a few hours before they were pulled. Well today, a new program called the Forex MegaDroid trading robot has been introduced to help folk who invest in the stock market. Get more details about forex megadroid bonuses and settings guide. Do read on for more about forex megadroid bonuses and settings guide below.

At this point, the results are supposed to have never fallen below 300%. Read on for more details about forex megadroid bonuses and settings guide. The program has even proven worthwhile in a number of cases, over 600%. If you're concerned in Forex trading or considering it you will have heard about the Forex MegaDroid robot and the strategy it uses to


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generate such high profits over eight years worth of information. I'm talking about RCTPA which stand for Reverse Correlated Time and Price research.

What's RCTPA and why should you, as a Forex trader, care? RCTPA is the brainchild of Albert Perrie and John Grace, the creators of Forex MegaDroid. This is an outlook of how the market will behave in the next 2-4 hours. More than that becomes erratic as the market can vary increasingly fast and so past info becomes obsolete. The creators of the MegaDroid have used 38 years of combined Forex trading experience. The software works differently than other versions of similar software packages. Each day it is worked out that more than $3 trillion dollars are traded. The Forex market operates twenty-four hours a day, five days a week. Having the opportunity to test FX MegaDroid let me quickly compare it to other trading software that i have used before. Customer support was effective and fast too. It also uses a more correct predicting technology called RCTPA systems. Of course, one can argue the testing period was not "long term" to reliably conclude about the trustworthiness of its accuracy.

So, are you wanting to see what it is like to foretell the future? Consider trying the MegaDroid out to work out if it is as rewarding as you believe it should be. John and Albert started working on the concepts of the Forex Megadroid in July 2007. The most vital goal in the development of the robot was the MT4 expert aide needed to be powerful enough to resist every possible market condition. Read on for more about forex megadroid bonuses and settings guide. The key of building a particularly profit-making expert counsellor is ensuring that the robot is not restricted to a single kind of market condition like trending or ranging. Every other existing robot has the same problem : the robot performs well when market conditions are perfect, but gives back all of the profit when market conditions changes.

The discovery in the development process of the Megadroid robot came when Albert and John applied RCTPA, or in full Reverse Correlated Time and Price research. With RCTPA they developed a totally new approach to Forex trading and integrated it in an entirely automated FX robot. The RCTPA concept makes it possible to forecast the near future with an accuracy of 95.82%! Do visit our site for more info about forex megadroid bonuses and settings guide. The high accuracy of the Forex Metatrader robot interprets into really high profits in every Forex market condition. In 2007 the Metatrader expert counsel generated a profit of 612.91%, in 2008 a profit of 623.84% and in the initial few months of 2009 already a profit of 330.20%.


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