Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Getting Started

By Jeff Bode

Clickbank is one of the biggest and most widely known affiliate marketing marketplace and payment processor. There are a ton of ways to make money selling Clickbank products as an affiliate.

Lately Clickbank has been getting a bad reputation in the 'internet marketing' niche and it's because of some low quality over hyped up products which you should stay away from promoting. They typically have a high refund rate.

The good news is that getting started promoting Clickbank products is really easy and there are a lot of benefits with choosing to promote Clickbank products. Some of the top benefits include great payouts of up to 75%, metrics to help you decide what to promote and the ability to get paid directly into your bank account or by check.

The cons of using Clickbank are


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that sometimes there is a lot of competition for the top selling products, so it can be harder to sell it depending on your business model. Another con is the some products are not very good to promote the ones with a bad rap that I mentioned before.

I still want you to get into selling Clickbank products and here's what you need to do...

Go to Clickbank dot com and sign up. Make sure to choose your Clickbank id/username wisely this will appear on your links, also make a note about the username you choose to use it later. Then you'll need to find a product to promote, to do that select marketplace and choose a topic on the left hand side outside of the internet marketing niche. Now you'll want to look for a product with a decent payout so you'll need to look at the average dollar per sale.

Click the title and open it in a new tab, what you're doing here is looking over the sales page and deciding if it looks like it will convert into sales. If you like the sales page and payout then click the promote button. A new window will pop up and either ask you to enter in your username/id or it will already be filled in.

Now you'll want to copy that link and add it to a text document. You'll use that link to either write a review of the product or presell the product you can get a lot of information without buying the product by browsing the internet to see what other people are saying about it and how they are promoting it. Then once you've checked out a few, go and model what they have done. You can start off with a free website at blogger dot com and write up a review there. Then start sending traffic through article marketing or any other traffic strategy you like.

It is Great! I just had to tell someone so I guess why not the Internet!

PLUS! They give you a 60 day moneyback gurrantee so no need to worry guys!

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