Impotence Erection Dysfunction in Men – Discover a Few Triggers and Ways to Deal With Them

Submitted by: Bruno Mcarthy

Men have their reproductive disorders just like women do. Impotence erectile dysfunction is a major fertility problem that is faced by men. If a man is unable to achieve a penile erection during sexual intercourse a mild or a severe erectile dysfunction is the main cause. Some males have a temporary disorder that can go away easily following a change of lifestyle. For instance, if a man stops drinking alcohol and using other narcotic drugs this can help him regain his libido gradually. The same is the case for men who are able to achieve happiness by getting rid of stress and depression.

Erectile dysfunction can be cured easily if it involves mental triggers such as anxiety and stress. Performance anxiety is a very common psychological trigger o


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f male impotence. It is described as a situation where a male feels pestered to attain an erection in sexually demanding circumstances but at the same time feels nervous. When some men fail to achieve an erection once they quickly develop performance anxiety that prevents them from relaxing and experiencing the normal stimulation in the subsequent intercourse attempts. As mentioned briefly above, stress is a major cause of impotence because it makes the body produce catecholamines.

Examples of these are non-adrenaline and adrenaline that are known to inhibit a penile erection. When a man is unable to have intercourse because of stress he is likely to feel like a failure which triggers more performance anxiety. Depression is different from stress and it causes psychological erectile dysfunction. Patients who suffer from depression are given antidepressant medications and these are major causes of erectile failure. To avoid impotence erectile dysfunction caused by psychological problems one should seeks ways to get rid of them. Some people feel better when they are helped by a psychiatrist to solve their mental issues.

Others seek additional ways to attain their full mental relaxation such as meditation, prayer, yoga, sharing their problems, occupying their mind with positive thoughts and so on. A few of the things that provoke dysfunction cannot be avoided such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. There are treatment procedures for many types of cancer that patients have to go through with. Doctors can however help a patient live a normal life while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy procedures. Treatments or medications used for prostrate cancer reduce the manufacture of testosterone in the male testes and adrenal glands.

As a result, the amount of testosterone is largely reduced and the negative effect of this is impotence. Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and hypertension among other common diseases that interrupt blood flow are major causes too. There is a rare condition called peyronie’s disease, also called anatomical deviation of the Penis. This happens when an inflammatory process causes a severe fibrous scaring of the male reproductive organ. Whatever provokes this kind of inflammatory process is not yet known. Even if a man has this condition he gets an erection but a curvature of the organ makes ejaculation impossible and he cannot maintain an erection. An Urologist may be able to help anyone who has Peyronie’s disease.

If health problems are found to be the main triggers of penile erection failures the doctors can give the required advice. Sexual powerlessness caused by substance abuse can greatly interfere with a male’s potency. Marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, heroine, and steroids among other substances can ruin a man’s health. They should be avoided at all costs and if someone is unable to stop he should seek help at the related centers such as alcohol anonymous facilities for alcohol abusers. In addition, men who suffer from impotence erectile dysfunction should not be silent about their condition. Doctors have many ways to help them regain their normal libido and sexual performance.


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