Unable to Get Erection, Help is on the Way!

Submitted by: Alex Erickson

Sexual problems in men are increasing by the day, of which the most common problem is named as erectile dysfunction or impotence. A man is called impotent when he is unable to achieve or maintain a firm erection for him to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse. In a state of impotency, either you do not get an erection or you lose the firmness midway before you attain satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction in male is increasing as a matter of fact. All the credit goes to the 2 culprits that accompany the urban lifestyle- stress and tension.

Sexual dysfunction is common in almost every adult man. In fact, all men in their lifetime experience such kind of difficulty with achieving as well as maintaining a firm erection. In some cases, this problem is a temporary one that goes away with little or no m


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edical treatment. But long term cases can also be seen that remains as an ongoing ailment affecting a man’s self-esteem by harming his relationship and that is the reason it requires urgent treatment. If you are facing any difficulty gaining or keeping a firm erection for more than 25% of the time involved in intercourse then consider it as a major problem that should be treated within time.

In earlier times, erection problems were thought to be considered into all in a man’s mind. They were often given some good-for-nothing advice as “just relax” or “don’t worry”. Nowadays doctors diagnose the case properly by keeping close track if the problem is a temporary or permanent one and according to that they prescribe accurate treatments. Some of the common causes for impotence are ailments and medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid or heart problems, high blood pressure, Psychological problems like depression, high level of stress and tension, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Erection problems can also be caused due to heavy medications like anti-biotic, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, etc. substance addiction like alcoholism, drugs can be responsible for impotence. With growing age, erection problems tend to be common especially in older men affecting them at any time at any age during their lifetime. Physical issues are found more in older men than in the younger generations. But these days one cannot measure the amount of risks one carry with them.

But yes even there are so many causes that mount up to such a big problem, remedies are also found side by side. The first step that one can take is to seek proper medical help in order to understand the root cause of your sexual dysfunction. Try to face it at least before your partner, there is nothing to hide. This acceptance will make things easier, of course you will find it difficult to communicate, but avoiding discussions will only make matters worse and complicated. Try out for some good counseling for both you and your partner to get the best results.

Just after that one can take a step towards choosing a healthy lifestyle by cutting down on alcohol, smoking and other sorts of substance addiction. Try to get ample amount of rest, eat nutritious food and maintain a balanced lifestyle by doing regular exercise. Always be safe with your sexual practices by using required contraceptive measures to avoid communicable diseases. Modern science has evolved in its best form, health disorders no matter how dreadful they are, cannot be cured with self-care measures, all you need is effective and proper medical care and which is absolutely available.

When going for diagnosis clear communication with your medical help is really essential so as to know the root cause of your state of condition. Moreover all, random discussions can even reveal some hidden facts which you were not aware about.


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