How to Give a Woman a Nice Orgasm

Submitted by: Tristan Lee

Many women crave the orgasm, but never reach it. When seducing a woman, knowing how to give her the best pleasurable and climactic experience is essential if you want her to continually come back to you for more action. Here are some effective ways to get her to orgasm – from foreplay techniques to being the sexual process.

Talking About Sex

From the minute you’re with her, if you can openly make her feel comfortable talking to you about sex, then making sexual advances from her will be easy as she’ll most likely be expecting you to initiate it. This will not only allow her to start slowly getting aroused around you, but there will be enough anticipation from the starting point that will heighten the chances of giving her a nice orgasm. Do everything you can to flirt with her, tea


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se her, and be playful with her. Treat her as an obnoxious lady that is in love with you, yet as a sweet princess that needs to be pampered every so often. Once you have talked about sex, establish physical contact with her to make her comfortable with your touch. Hold her hand and play with it, massage her shoulders, kiss her face and down to her neck. Get as aroused as possible before you proceed into the next step.

Oral Sex

Doing oral sex “right” will really increase your chances of giving her a nice orgasm later. Many women actually prefer oral sex over intercourse. If you can show her that you enjoy the most vital sexual organ that she possesses, your separate yourself away from other men. When performing oral sex, they key is to change yours actions until you find what she likes and gradually continue to do this. Start off licking around her clitoris to tease her, and then lick the labia and vulva. Switch from up and down motions to circular motions, then go back and lick her clitoris. Once she starts to moan, don’t go inside her vagina until later. This might get her sexually frustrated and she may start to become more dominating in directing you to do what she wants. When you’ve done this, it’s time to finish the job.

Sex Positions

When making love to her, remember to use the three popular sexual positions – Military, Cowgirl, and Doggy style. If you want to be more adventurous you can always try new positions later. The point is to do something right until she feels that intense contraction in her muscles that will make her moan, scream, and orgasm, and the key to doing this is to angle and position yourself, as well as her body, in ways where you can feel the tightest sensations and deepest penetrations. Build up the anticipation for as long as possible – twenty minutes, thirty minutes, forty minutes, and even up to an hour. Finally, end it by giving her the best orgasm a man can give her. She’ll love you for this.


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