Fake Orgasm Exposed: 7 Signs That She is Faking

Submitted by: Julian Sagan

For the most part women simulate an orgasm based on humanistic considerations – so that the man would not doubt that he is the best in bed. Sometimes such falsifications are carried out on an expert level. However, even the most skillful simulation can be identified.

1. Voice recognition. The easiest way to tell if a girl is faking is by her cries and moans of pleasure. Knowing how much it turns us men on, a lot of women consider it their duty to cry and moan in bed regardless of whether they feel an orgasm coming on or not. Men reassured by such vocal support are always happy to accept it for its face-value. However, if the girl's moans are pretty monotonous and repetitive at approximately the same interval of time, then you are definitely at a recital, which is being given in your sole ho


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nor. And it doesn’t matter that it’s already 2am and the whole neighborhood is listening to it.

What to do: adjust to the moans' rhythm and penetrate her maximally deep exactly at those moments when she lets a moan out. If you do everything right, pretty soon she will sing a completely different song.

2. Breathing exercises. If you are absolutely sure that a girl is enjoying herself under you, but you notice that her breathing is as if she is sleeping - even and steady, then something is wrong with such orgasm. Everything should be quite on the contrary: an aroused woman breathes loudly, deeply and haltingly, as if she just ran a mile.

What to do: deflect your attention away from the reciprocal motions and again (if you forgot about it at the very beginning then for the first time in the evening) give her a long and gentle kiss, caress her neck and shoulders passionately with your hands, going down to her breasts. After such a pit stop the results will definitely improve.

3. The indisputable evidence. An orgasm is accompanied with a number of physiological signs clearly described in medical literature. Namely: a woman at the peak of the arousal closes her eyes, throws her head back and curves her neck. She is experiencing a flow of blood to her face as a result of which she gets a light redness in her cheeks. Sometimes the mouth twists as when you have a sharp ache, and the pupils narrow. If you haven’t noticed any of the mentioned symptoms of an orgasm, and a girl still sticks to the story that she experienced an orgasm, most likely you are being fooled (although for sure not out of the best motives).

What to do: as trivial as it sounds, most women even if they experience an orgasm regularly it is due to the clitoris stimulation. Concentrate on it without withdrawing from her and without stopping what you've started before.

4. Evoke a response. When you are inside of her and she is experiencing an orgasm, you will definitely feel at least a short but very distinct vaginal walls' contraction. In some cases it is accompanied with convulsive twitching of arms and legs. If you did not notice anything like this, perhaps you didn't manage to get through to her.

What to do: choose the most comfortable for both of you position for penetration. Withdraw almost all the way from her and then penetrate her for the whole length of your penis. Alternate this tactics with a series of strong frictions, which should be carried out almost without withdrawing your member outside. Usually the results of such deep penetration are obvious after just one or two minutes.

5. Biased interrogation. When a woman did not experience but faked an orgasm, she will not admit to it for anything. Therefore if you decide to question her about what she likes the most and how would she want it to happen, then preferably you should do it still at the stage of foreplay. If it is your new girlfriend and you are planning to have sex with her for the first time, such kind of probing will definitely come in handy. Some girls like it when it happens quick and forcefully, and some require a minimum of half an hour of slow and tender sex to reach an orgasm.

What to do: the important thing is not to turn such conversation into interrogation or exam. Practice finding out her secrets without pressure, so that you could pleasantly surprise her later.

6. Successful positioning. If she regularly climaxes every time regardless of what position you do it in, it really sounds like she is leading you on. Only 30% of women are capable of experiencing an orgasm from vaginal sex only without any additional stimulation. Therefore it is not very humane to make love all night in the standing up position or doggy-style, since when you move you do not touch her clitoris with your body,

What to do: help her! With your hand or with a vibrator. At the same time don't forget about synchronizing both rhythms - friction and clitoris stimulation. If you accelerate then accelerate simultaneously in all areas.

7. Excessive promptness. If after having sex she rushes to the bathroom or immediately goes for a smoke on a balcony, then most likely she did not receive any pleasure from what just happened. If a woman experienced an orgasm, she will need at least a couple of minutes to recollect herself and get going. One of the most tragic disappointments that a girl can experience during sex is when you all of a sudden went limp and settled down right before the very finish line when she was so close to climaxing. So if you feel the orgasm is close but understand that it is a little too early for her then get out of her.

What to do: continue to arouse her with all the methods you know, so that when she is close to orgasm enter her again and experience an orgasm together.

Now that you read all the signs of her faking an orgasm, it should never be part of your bedroom… She will not have to resort to faking it any more!


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