How to Arouse a Woman and Give Her Sizzling HOT Sex (Warning! These Will Drive Her Wild in Bed)

By Orgasm By Command Team

Everyone loves to have great sex. And contrary to conventional wisdom, women love sex as much as guys do, if not more! But what if you feel that your sex life has turned somewhat dull and dreary and needs a little "oomph"? Don't sweat it! There is plenty you can do to make ordinary sexual experiences into toe-curling erotic adventures in between the sheets.

These 6 sensuous tips, for example, are a great start to give her the best sex of her life...

Tip #1 - Setting the scene right

Ambience plays a great deal in making sex awesome. Pay attention to the sights and sounds. Try giving your bedroom a sultry, sexy backdrop by introducing colored light bulbs. Did you know that purple color can intensify a woman's orgasm? It i


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s a surefire way to amplify her erotic energy really fast. Why not spin some romantic, sensual music to get her in the mood too? Women love some moments of intimacy before getting into sex. Sip on a glass of wine and introduce some CD that is hot and delectable to turn up her passion. If you have a fireplace, cuddle up together and seek out her pleasure spots.

Tip #2 - Be Slow But Sure

The biggest mistake you could ever make with sex is to hurry. Devote ample time to get her aroused and excited. You have to understand that men can be aroused on the fly while women take a bit longer than men do. Sensual massages work really well with many women. This form of massage is like any other types of massage; the only difference is that it focuses more on her erogenous zone or sensitive "hot buttons". Lavish her with your seductive ways and she will show you the signs that she is ready for you to take it to the next step.

Tip #3 - Use Your Imagination Creatively

If you are boring in bed, it will be a lackluster affair for her. With your imagination, you can surely inject fun into the things you wish to do with her. Her mind is the sex organ you should stimulate the most. Look her directly in the eyes and adore her verbally and physically. Tickle her fancy to make her more open to sex. Some erotic adult literature can be a great help too. For example, before you tuck her in for the night, read her some pages from those adult materials. She may have more than just sleep on her mind!

Tip #4 - Unleash the art of erotic kissing

Women can't seem to get enough of kissing from their loved ones. Kissing is super important in an intimate relationship and it surprises me why so many guys gloss over this crucial moment of intimacy. If you want to sizzle up your sex life, try some sexy kissing tricks to get her temperatures moving fast. For instance, suck on an ice cube or sip on a cold drink just before you kiss her. She will get hot really fast! Or consume some foods such as strawberries or honey to introduce some tantalizing sweetness in your mouth when you kiss. And don't forget to kiss her even when you are making love!

Tip #5 - Synchronize With Her Bio-Rhythm

Your actions have to have a natural flow and rhythm. Make it seem like one continuous thing for her. Sex toys or gadgets are great ways to learn more about her body and what turns her on the most. Pay attention to her so you can sexually synchronize with her. For instance, if she has a vibrator, ask her to show you how to use it. Take note of the speed, angle and the kind of pressure that she likes and then perform these on her using your tongue, fingers or your manhood!

Tip #6 - Bring on the furnishings!

Beds are dull and boring. Sex furniture is a great way to spice up the whole sexual experience. These are usually very discreet and blend in really well with the rest of your home decor. Unlike sex toys, both you and your partner can enjoy using sex furniture together. These allow you to experiment with intercourse positions that you don't usually get with flat surfaces such as like beds or mattresses. With these, you can fit your bodies perfectly together and ensure that her clitoris and G-spot are properly stimulated during sex.

There is plenty that you can do to enhance your sex life and really give her something to talk about with her friends. Believe me, women talk far more often with their friends about sex than men. If you want to really weave some magic in the bedroom, try injecting these sensual moves to get her all hot and panting in bed!


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