Content Is Superior, But What Content?

Submitted by: James Trivolette

In a previous article titled “?Google’s new look on links?” I explained to you what Google thought was good inbound links. Having these links are critical, but just having these types of links is not a guarantee that you will receive rankings. Now is the time to talk about what your site is about and it’s content along with those links from my previous article.

Content, content and more content, this is the best way to better your rankings. Not just any content. If you have a web site that you want to sell widjits on, then talk about widjits and what they do and why we need to buy them as a customer. Do not try to sell widjits on your site if you are also going to talk about gadgets.

If on one of your pages you are trying to show off your widjets for sell but you also throw in s


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tuff about your gadgets it will dilute your content with other keywords and keep widjets from ever getting ranked. If you sell products other than widjets then hopefully it is a product that goes hand in hand with your widjets. This way you can use the same keywords trying to sell both products.

If you are trying to sell many products on your site and none are similar enough to try to sell hand in hand then what you will have to do is target the entire page at one product. On the widjets page only talk about widjets and on the gadgets page, talk solely about gadgets. You must have a big enough site with enough keyword rich content pages to support each of your products.

If you apply this above information to your inbound links you will be on your way to learning your first steps of SEO. If you are selling widjets, why would an inbound link about politics help your site? Even if it was from a Google trusted site.

If you apply this information with the info from my last article you have a stong base to start optimizing your web site. Remember that SEO will not happen for you over night and trying to code a site to revolve around a particular keyword can be a nightmare. Many webmasters at this point hire an SEO firm to ensure high quality work that is both pleasing to the search engines and visitors alike.


About the Author: James Trivolette Lives in the West Virginia Mountains and works at a Blackwood productions company as office manager/technical support.