Killer Content System Review - Is Killer Content System a Scam?

Submitted by: Antton Straton

Is Killer Content System a scam? This is a software system created by the professional Internet marketer Socrates. His software is designed to build websites using an average of 2 minutes for every site built.

Each of these sites are referred to as cash sites by Socrates, and they are highly optimized sites designed to generate commissions as soon as traffic is being generated to those sites. At the moment, Socrates is making more than $20,000 in commissions every month as he has shown, but one should not be expecting to make this type of income overnight even when using his software tool.

1. How Does the Killer Content System Help Its Users to Make Money?

Socrates had to spend many months constantly implementing and fine-tuning the stra


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tegies that he teaches in this course before he was able to see such huge commission monthly paydays. The software that he has created taps into a huge database of private label rights content that is used to automatically monetize and update your newly created blogs with. Most people are assuming that the software will produce exactly the same content for all members resulting in duplicate content penalty when in fact, this software carefully gets around the problem and generates unique content for every member.

2. How Can the Killer Content System Help It Easier to Make Money Online?

Before the creation of this system, Socrates used to teach his clients how to generate unique content fast from the private label rights articles that he gives his members rights to use. Today, he has fully programmed an almost fully automated system that does all this manual work on its own using his own type of data management program. This fully featured program has helped me dominate many niches that I have entered into and helps me to establish an online presence in any niche I want very quickly.

3. What Are Some of the Drawbacks of the Killer Content System?

The one thing I am slightly less satisfied with is the fact that Socrates probably over-hyped his program by saying that his system is as simple as picking of niches and running them automatically. In my own opinion, he has definitely made his entire system sound much easier than it really is. The fact is that one would still have to put in some time picking these niches which is really not such a random process as Socrates would like you to believe.

Review of the Way the Killer Content System Software Tool Works

The first thing I have to do is click on the ‘new project’ tab in the software which will then give me a list of high quality articles filled with useful content that I can use. To find the right type of content, I will have to use the right exact keyword phrase and rely on the software filter to pick the right articles for me. The software gives me the necessary tools I need to quickly manipulate and change the content to suit my own needs. This process is just a simple process like editing a word document.


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