How to Convert Your Car to Hydrogen Power

Submitted by: Arthur Maxwell

In the battle for fuel efficiency, it is widely believed that buying an electric hybrid is the answer. The problem is that the electric hybrid vehicle is not affordable and is beyond the financial means for most people who are hurting at the pump due to skyrocketing energy prices. The question that remains is how the average consumer can save money on gas, without spending a fortune on a hybrid vehicle. The answer lies in a daring new invention call the hydrogen generator. So the only remaining question is how to convert your car to hydrogen power.

First of all, what is hydrogen power, and how can it possibly increase your fuel efficiency? Hydrogen power is deriving propulsive power by utilizing hydrogen as fuel. The fact of the matter is that you cannot get a net gain in energy by burning hydr


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ogen which you are using your engines energy to create. So how can putting an on board hydrogen generator on your vehicle increase fuel efficiency? The answer is in the inefficiency of the average internal combustion engine.

In order to understand the principles behind increasing fuel efficiency by converting your car to run on hydrogen power, you firstly need to realize that the statement is quite misleading. You cannot run your vehicle solely on hydrogen power; rather you are utilizing hydrogen to increase the fuel efficiency of the gasoline or diesel fuel your car’s engine normally utilizes. This increased efficiency comes about by a more complete combustion and improves flame spread within the cylinders, allowing your vehicle to run on a leaner fuel air mixture than is possible without the hydrogen supplementation.

So, now that you have a basic knowledge of how running your vehicle partly on hydrogen can increase your fuel efficiency, how can you go about converting your car to run on hydrogen power? The first step is to become familiar with the numerous methods and techniques available for constructing an on board hydrogen generator. Only once you are well informed can you realistically start considering building a hydrogen conversion kit to install in your own vehicle. The basic components can all be bought in a hardware store. These basic components include a reservoir for water, some basic electrical components, and miscellaneous tubes to conduct the oxygen and hydrogen that is generated.

Thorough and effective plans can be purchased online. In any case, you should invest some time to become informed in regards to the precise components and methods required so that your hydrogen conversion goes smoothly. Knowledge is power, and it is only through the application of knowledge can we become truly free and independent as individuals. The struggle for increased fuel efficiency is no different than any other struggle for a better, more economical life.

Now that you know how to convert your car to hydrogen power, you should search the web for the proper resources. This article only serves as a primer, but the potential is almost limitless. So start looking for a good guide now, and start saving gas by using hydrogen generators!


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