Holisitc Healing: True Healing is in Being Whole

Submitted by: Terry Small

Holistic healing is about using natural approaches in order to regain balance physically and mentally. Natural health remedies are common but are not the focus. The main focus is overall well being and peace of mind.

When a person is in need of healing much of the energy of that person is focused on the pain and discomforts caused by the ailment. Since the purpose of natural healing is to keep a total balance, the ailment needs to be healed to eliminate the distraction. Only then will the balance of focus return. This sort of healing should never replace proper medical attention especially with more sever ailments.

Holistic healing is derived from the meaning "whole" because of the focus to address total balance of a person and not just one aspect. It is way of being more connected


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to the elements and obtaining the fulfillment of living better through natural discovery. Every person has their own individual path, though there are some basic fundamentals that carry through every aspect.

One of the fundamental aspects is spiritual beliefs and values. Although it doesn't matter what religion one is a part of, the spiritual beliefs must carry one to a higher plain. It is about being good to others, tending to meaningful relationships, caring for the environment in balance and having compassion and acceptance for others. It is about finding the inner being that promotes everything good and running with what one finds inside. It is about appreciating the elements in nature that were given for the purpose of balance and healing.

Many diseases and pains are caused by the lack of a nutritious diet or because of abuse to the physical body. Much of the discomforts of life are self inflicted and can be prevented or fixed with common sense activities such as exercise and proper sleep. Many emotional or mental ailments are caused by selfish ambitions or a lack of control of thoughts that lead to an untethered view on reality. This does not mean that every physical or psychological ailment is self-inflicted. All it means is that many of the discomforts in life are related to each other and can be healed through a more balanced and selfless life.

There are many forms of holistic therapies including energy-based therapies like chakra work, prayerful intention, acupuncture, aromatherapy, exercise and a natural diet. In addition there are herbal, Ayurveda and Chinese medicines.

There are many more forms of these therapies with everything from energy work using massage stones to positive affirmations for mental health. The key is to begin to explore some of the techniques and to find what works best for each individual. Only the individual will truly know what is best for them. Still, it is wise to seek advise from those that are experts in their own industry. At the end of the day we are all spiritual beings clothed in physical bodies trying to find the balance of both. Equilibrium does not come over night; it comes one step at a time. Do not run faster than you have strength.


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