How To Use Crystal Vibrational Healing

Submitted by: Paul A. Birnie

Crystals are a unique part of our life. They are used for many things, both spiritual and physical.

For example, quartz crystals are commonly used in battery operated watches to keep time, silicon crystals are grown to make computer chips.

In this article, I am going to explain how you can use crystals as a healing tool through a technique called crystal vibrational healing.

Crystals are self-aware living vibrations of the Universe. Crystal vibrational healing is a frequency, a wave form of energy sent by someone through a crystal to another participant which causes the participant to go back to an energetic state of well-being.

Many people believe that when an individual needs healing, it is because their body is sick. This is not the case. When it comes to healing, we


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have the perception that it is the body that receives the healing, when in fact it is the frequency of the disease that receives it.

Now, the frequency of our belief system is what creates our state of ‘beingness’, in sickness and in health. When we heal, is the body that is healed? Is it the mind? Is it the emotions? Is it the disease? The truth is that all these aspects of ourselves are extensions and creations of our belief systems.

The belief system is what holds the frequency, and the true creator of ALL this, everything (with no exception!) is YOU!!! We all create our lives, and the circumstances in it, from these belief systems. The key therefore is to know that we are the sole creator of all this.

This means that by using crystal vibrational healing on ourselves, we can change our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. The idea many of us have is that we have to ‘remove’ negative thoughts and feelings. This is not true! What we REALLY need to do is TRANSFORM the thought by feeding it positive thoughts. For example, feed our anger with peace, feed our hate with love and so on.

Once the thought is transformed, the feeling, action and ultimate experience is altered, to reflect your now new found reality, as opposed to your old indoctrinated belief systems. This is the essence of crystal vibrational healing.

The question I hope you are asking yourselves now is: how do I apply this to my everyday life? Let me share with you one way you can use the crystal vibrational healing technique to change any anger you have in your heart into peace.

You will first need to hold a crystal that feels good for you, in the centre of your heart. Make sure that you do no not use a crystal that has been chosen just for its meaning.

Then, sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed, allow yourself to feel the emotion of anger ... feel it in your body until it is at its strongest.

Then, send a thought and emotion of peace through the crystal to your heart, and see it spread through your body. The frequency of the thought and emotion will be amplified by the crystal that you are holding and it will transform the frequency of anger to its well-being state of peace.

This is a technique you can use for almost any situation you are in and wish to change. Such is the power of this crystal vibrational healing technique.

Paul Birnie


About the Author: Paul Birnie is the founder of CrystalWorlds, a web site that contains the secrets to a great, abundant and enriched life.