Schwinn Airdyne Bike - Problems With the Bike

Submitted by: Alan Bullington

After riding the same Schwinn Airdyne bike for over twenty years I can report on several reasons why you may not want one. The machine is an exercise bike classic and it does several things really well. However, time passes and the following are some things you may what to know before spending your hard-earned money.

1. There's all that noise.

With the newer magnetic drive exercise bikes, you pedal in quiet. That means you can listen to music, watch a movie or even think to yourself in quiet and peace. Not so with an Airdyne. That's because the resistance that you pedal against comes from turning that big fan out front. And that is one big noise maker. The newer Evo Comp makes less noise. But if you want quiet, the Airdyne will disappoint.

2. No computers like the recumbe


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nt bikes.

One way to fight boredom with exercise bikes comes with the electronics included in most newer machines. By including programmable workouts, you can ride as if you were on the road and that's an easy way to include variety in workouts. The computers tie to the magnetic drives on most machines and since the Airdyne has no magnetic drive, computer aren't available.

3. Then there's the wind.

Another result of the fan resistance is all that wind kicked up as you pedal. Sometimes that's plus as in hot weather the breeze comes in handy. But maybe at other times it's just irritating. In either case, breezes result when you pedal an Air Dyne.

4. No excuses for a new one either.

Let's face it, getting a new piece of equipment is motivation by itself. Just changing to something new helps keep working out fun. Plus with new features being added to machines all the time, why not get some of those benefits with a new machine. Unfortunately, if you get a Schwinn Airdyne, you'll likely never get an excuse to buy a new bike because your old one is worn and failing you. Likely the one bike you get, even if it's used, will be the only one you ever need.

5. Work arms as well as legs.

As if pedaling wasn't enough work, dual action exercise bikes pull your arms and shoulders into the act too. That way you get a workout that just about touches every muscle you have. Of course, if you choose, you can just work your legs or just your upper body too. Either way you go, you can work yourself just as hard as you choose.

6. No reclining as you work.

Recumbent bikes let you work in a reclining position with the emphasis on comfort. Since the Airdynes are upright you may sit down but not lie down as you pedal away. You do get a big, wide durable seat but it's no typical recumbent seat.

A Schwinn Airdyne Bike will likely last you as long as you need an exercise bike. It helps you work both your upper body and lower body if you really want an overall workout. However, it's noisy and short on electronics as well. It's a classic exercise machine but one that may not be right for everybody.


About the Author: Use stationary bikes to stay in shape all year around. The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike offers comfort while you work. Get fitness tips for picking the best bike by visiting another article about the best recumbent exercise bike.