Positive Changes Hypnosis – How to Use Hypnosis to Improve Yourself and Your Life

Submitted by: Nelson Berry

Positive changes hypnosis refers to a series of personal development projects that use hypnosis as the main means of triggering positive changes in a person’s life. Hypnosis is not a strange concept, but people’s understanding of it is usually limited to those intriguing magic shows wherein a person is hypnotized to do some amusing things in front of the whole audience.

But a lot of people are not aware of the unbelievable effects and the benefits that they can enjoy through hypnosis. Hypnosis, by definition, is a method of sending a person into a concentrated or induced relaxation. It is said that when a person enters a hypnotic state, the pathway to his subconscious mind opens up, and the subconscious lies like a sponge, waiting to absorb anything y


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ou send in.

This is how hypnosis is used to induce positive changes in your life. Once the conscious mind is utterly relaxed and the subconscious lies expectantly, you start sending messages to it. You can use messages that are designed to really bring about any desired effect.

Here are some of the positive changes hypnosis programs you can use to improve various aspects of your life:

1. Hypnosis to quit smoking. Hypnosis is rising up as the currently leading method of smoking cessation these days. It is highly recommended by therapists because it is a safe and natural way of kicking the deadly habit.

Another advantage of using hypnosis to quit smoking is that you can get help designed for how deep your smoking problem is. There are now many hypnosis programs such as hypnosis audio CDs or videos; you can choose from hypnosis programs designed for those who smoke ¾ of a pack daily, or for those who smoke 1-3 packs daily, or for those who consume up to 5 packs or more daily.

You can also decide to approach a hypnotherapist or learn self hypnosis techniques. There are also a lot of stop smoking hypnosis products you can purchase over the Internet; just make sure to buy from a trusted website. Remember, hypnosis involves altering the mind, so it should not be done lightly. Consulting a hypnotherapist is still the most recommended way to use it in your personal development projects.

2. Hypnosis to lose weight. Another popular problem that can be solved by hypnosis is the weight loss problem. There are also a lot of weight loss hypnosis programs. Like with the quit smoking project, you can choose from different programs customized to how much weight you want to lose. There are programs designed for those who want to lose less than 15 lbs., 15 to 100 lbs., and up to 150 lbs.

Some of the programs also have specific thrusts. Some are designed to help prevent emotional eating, if this is what’s causing your weight problems. Some, on the other hand, are designed to be used with exercise. There are also some rapid weight loss hypnosis programs for those who need to lose weight fast; this is the perfect alternative for crash dieting, which can have several negative effects on health.

3. Hypnosis to reduce stress. Stress reduction hypnosis is also extremely popular; in this highly competitive world, most people experience a lot of stress. No wonder people nowadays love going to the spa or getting body massages. And now, hypnosis provides another way to reduce stress. The techniques used are as easy as listening to hypnotic audio or watching hypnosis videos, so you can even do it every day to make sure you can now live a stress free life.


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