How to Become a Deliberate Creator

Submitted by: Gary Evans

Anyone can become a deliberate creator, able to manifest in their universe what they need at the time that they need it. That sounds like a totally mind-blowing statement, but once you understand The Law of Attraction it really is not. We are all attracting people, things and situations through our thoughts, actions and beliefs. By becoming conscious of your thoughts you focus your intent and are able to become a deliberate creator.

Becoming a deliberate creator begins with intent. Intent is a fancy word simply for focus and your thoughts. So if your thought is "I would like a coffee" then you need to focus your entire being on this thought of wanting a coffee. Imagine what it would be like to hold that delicious hot coffee. Enjoy the smells and aroma. Make your visualization powerful; adding every emotio


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n and good thought you can have about how having that coffee would make you feel. Then take a sip! Doesn't it taste amazing?

To create, you also need to have the belief that you can create. Do you believe that you can have this coffee? Do you believe that it is within your reach? Do you think something or someone would prevent you from having a coffee? Do you think your cousin, the passionate “water only” person is going to emerge from out of nowhere and going to throw it down the sink?

While this example of creation may seem a little silly, I am using the coffee on purpose: most people can easily see themselves having a cup of coffee. A coffee at Starbucks is going to cost you a few dollars. At Mom's it is free and probably comes with a bit of nagging, but hey, everything has its cost! But in order to create, you need to have that belief that you deserve and can obtain what you would like to create. If there is any doubt in your mind about you not being able to create it, then you need to work on that belief system before you start to create.

That belief system is going to block your receiving what you so desperately want. It is like you are placing the order with the waiter for the coffee and then you are telling the waiter "no, on second thought -- I don't want it, thanks anyway!" You need to stop yourself from canceling your own order.

The next step is receiving what you are creating. You need to be open to receive. Now some people are very comfortable giving gifts, but when it comes to be their turn to receive, they squirm and say "oh, you don't have to get me anything!" That's a good example of someone who is blocking what they could receive. You don't want to block the gifts of the universe. If you are asking for something as a deliberate creator, then you don't want to not receive it. That simply does not make sense. Yet there are some people who do have problems with the receiving part.

The final step is saying "thank you" for what you have been given. It is very important to express gratitude. As a matter of fact, an excellent way to increase your abundance in your life if you feel any type of lack, is to begin to give thanks for what you already have.

You will certainly feel a rush of positive energy and continue to be blessed by the universe as you create more abundance in your life. So if you have had success with the other steps, don't forget to give thanks for what you have received as a deliberate creator because we do not create alone. We create with the help of the Universe.


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