Some Good Tips to Use When Buying a Designer Bag

Submitted by: Ike Ani

When buying a handbag off the Internet, it is your responsibility to make checks here are some tips:

1- When buying a hand bag you will want to know exactly what it looks like, so the photos provided should be good enough If you you are buying a used bag, it is even more important to know what it is going to look like.

2- The description that you are given of the bag, should always match the actual picture of the bag.

3- The bag should have certain marks if it is a brand name handbag, so that you know it is not a fake. For instance if the bag is Mulberry, Gucci or any other name it should meet the relevant standards. If the bag is a replica the seller should say so and it should be using YYK zippers.

4- The stitching quality on the bag should be up to par, you will ne


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ed to note this when you are searching for the bag.

Prevent yourself being scammed:

1- It is not uncommon to buy a bag that costs you more than it should. You should try not to pay 45 dollars for a designer bag claiming to be real you should be cautious. There are many instances where a seller has described a bag as genuine, but when it was received it was found to be a fake. You will need to double check and ask.

The most common problems people have with buying a handbags on line is the possibility of it being a fake, such as receiving a fake leather bag that was supposed to be real. Getting a bag that is fitted with a bad zipper can also be a problem. Always keep in mind a bag is often worth its price.

2- If you find a bag that looks perfect, but doesn't have enough photos for you to be totally sure, don't be shy to ask for more photos from the seller. Also remember that having to ask for pictures can sometimes indicate a problem.

Don't let a seller steal your money

1- The guarantees that you get with your bag are very important, so make sure it comes with them.

2- Make sure you purchase from a website that is known for having a good reputation, or one you have checked out properly.

3- Get enough pictures of the bag so that you are confident, of what will be turning up at your doorstep.

4- Only buy bags that come with the guarantee of a tracked delivery, so you know the bag has been sent.

Double checking the images of the bag you are about to buy is always a good idea. You should always ask the seller for more pictures if you need them. It may also be a good idea to get actual pictures as well, this will limit any surprise.

The most popular scam on the Internet with handbags is the bait and switch. This is where an image of the bag, looks much better than the bag will look. You should make sure the seller offers a money back guarantee so that you can be confident with your purchase.

The final purchase decision is up to you. You will need to choose wisely, to ensure you don't have any problems with your on-line purchase.


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