How to Detect Lies

By Ositadimma Muodozie

Liar, liar, liar, pants on fire. This old rhyme usually said by children pursues us till we get to adulthood. Unluckily, the pant of a liar never erupts into flames. I have talked about some signs you can apply to spot a lie when a person is telling them to you.

1. There is a means to know if someone is telling you a lie or not. It is when they find it difficult to look you into your eyes. Most people that tell lies normally gaze at the floor as they tell the lie. This sign is a dead giveaway to show that they are deceitful about the whole situation.

2. The second means to spot a lie when someone tells you one is to observe their extent of gesture. Most liars are nervous at the time they are discharging their lies. When they gesture too much, know that it is sign of a prevaricator.


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>3. Realize that some other revealing indication is when a person breaks within his sentence. It implies that they are attempting to get more time to work out stuffs to tell you. Breaking very much with, "um, er..." could be signs that they are lying to you. This may be an indication that he is telling you lies when his statement is phrased like this: um.... Yes, sweetheart, I never went to see him.

4. Another indication used to spot a lie is when someone does lip-playing. Fastening, licking, picking or biting the lips is among the signs that someone is lying to you.

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