What one should know about Computer arcade games

By Ralf Tomlinson

What one should know about Computer arcade games

The computer games evolved from the days of Mario and Pac Man. The hardware and software technology used in the games are advancing by leaps and bounds over the years. The arcade games in particular have witnessed the maximum development. The origin of the first generation of arcade games dates back to the 1970s. At that time most of them were not commercially available. But they became hugely popular.

Nowadays the arcade games are available for both the consoles and computer platform. People like these games for the extreme amounts of thrill and excitement they offer. Some of the popular arcade games can also be played online. In fact the popularity of online computer gaming has taken the gaming community by storm. The penetra


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tion of broadband Internet connection has acted in its favor. Some of the games also offer multiplayer versions that add to the thrill of the game play.

The sonic games are also liked by the gamers. The online sonic games look similar to the ones people used to play in Sega console earlier. As a matter of fact, the web based computer games are a type of video games that can be played over office intranet and Internet. Nowadays a lot of gamers search in the web for free online games. However they should not randomly download each and every game they come across.

Some of the p2p sites offer a variety of online sports games and action based FPS games. But not all of these sites are reliable. There have been instances where people got their computer infected with malicious virus after downloading software and content from these sites. Hence one should always check the authenticity of a site before choosing to download software from it. The way the scam and phishing sites are rising in number is a matter of grave concern.

The sites should be selected that use the latest online security protocols. Those who have no penchant for the special effect based gory adventure games can try the online puzzle games. These games are ideal for the teens and kids and help in sharpening their mental alertness and intelligence in general. The other advantage of the popular online games is that there are a number of online communities for these games. A novice gamer can benefit from the tips obtained from the veteran gamers in these online communities.

The popular multiplayer games like Quake 3, Counterstrike etc have dedicated communities. One needs to keep in mind that for playing the latest generation games it is compulsory to have a powerful PC with oodles of RAM. The latest consoles from companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft also have reasonably powerful hardware and visual processing units for cutting edge display and graphics quality.