A New Path To Free Energy - Your Phone Line Has Power Even In A Blackout

Submitted by: H Todd Scholer

If you’ve ever wanted your own secret source of free electricity to power up your household appliances, even during an emergency power outage, then this is by far the most important information you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Are you tired of your energy bill going up each year? Is the amount you’re paying to power your house causing you financial strain? Do you feel the Power Company is taking advantage of you, especially during unbearably hot or cold days?

With all the problems we all have, you don't need anything to make things more difficult. You now have a means to create a way where you can find multiple paths to serenity. There is power in your phone line that is already paid for. This can save you money and give you assurance that your mo


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ney is not being wasted, and confidence that your appliances will run, even when the power goes out.

This hidden source of free energy is 100% free and most people don't even know about it. You can power the electrical appliances that you own in your home with the power that comes through the phone lines. Watch you electric bill bill go down, even when the costs are forever rising, and pocket the savings. This secret source of free electricity can give you freedom from skyrocketing energy costs, and power when the lights go out, so your not in the dark anymore.

Now, you could be saying to yourself, I can just get a generator for power outages or just do without power for a little while. When in fact you never do really know when or how long it will take for the electric to be restored. Some power loses last for days, you just never know. You can be relaxing in your house with the air conditioner on, feeling relieved that you won't have to empty the refrigerator wasting even more cash. Reading a book, or watching TV next to the light that reminds you how much you are saving on the electric bill.

David Adams Sydney, Australia

"I am deeply impressed about all this, not only it works but its also easy to setup. This nourishes my conviction that the power industry can no longer withstand the avalanche of technical breakthrough. Of course, this is high time to join the positive forces and do something to really save electricity. "

Ben Dolson London, England

"I purchased all the components for the phone for energy kit....This is a wonderful thing to finally see happen. I knew there were others out there trying to use alternative sources of energy, but this site blows them all away. Many thank for the posting of such a system. Hopefully I can add to it in the near future. "

Conrad Davids California

"This is going to be big!!! Free Electric!!! I will be inviting people to a demonstration shortly and will very guardedly talk to our local media because this is really innovative. I want people to know about this and want to help them save on electricity. "


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