Home Made Energy Versus Earth 4 Energy - The Complete Review

Submitted by: Jack Stevinson

Create your own Home Made Energy

Have you ever thought of creating your own electricity? I realize it seems a bit daunting at first. After all we are talking about electricity which is both invisible and can be quite dangerous. However with the right instruction it is perfectly possible for the average DIY person to build a solar panel or a windmill or both and for a lot less money than you might imagine.

The main reason more of us have not installed solar panels for instance is down to the cost of installation and it is true that investing in a professional job is expensive and rarely offers a good return on investment.

What Do These Home Made Energy Guides Do?

The idea behind these guides is to show you in detail how to create your own renewable e


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nergy source using either solar energy, wind power or a combination of both.

Both of these home made energy guides offer comprehensive instruction and blueprints into how to achieve energy independence from the big power companies.

If you really take it on board you can create a surplus of energy and sell it back to the grid. Now that would be great, don't you think?

What Does It All Cost?

Well both "Home Made Energy" and "Earth 4 Energy" claim a construction cost of under $200 and after doing some checking, this would appear to be fairly accurate.

The cost of a professional installation would be several thousand dollars. This makes the return on investment very quick using the home made energy or earth for energy system.

There are many guides available now, all claiming to show you the best way of producing your own electricity. However after extensive research we have discovered that the majority of these guides are little more than thinly disguised copies or clones of Earth4Energy which was I believe the original.

Which Is The Best Guide?

This is of course a matter of opinion. However, after going through both "Home Made Energy and "Earth4Energy" along with a couple of other imitators, here are my findings:

"Home Made Energy " is okay. It does show you what you need to do but to be honest it is written in fairly simple terms and is not really comprehensive. I did wonder if it was a poorly written copy of the far superior "Earth4Energy". "Earth4Energy" is well written; it is comprehensive and really does show you everything you need to complete your project. There is a DVD video as well as the digital e guide and even a blueprint and guide to making portable units suitable for camping or an RV for example.

Are They Worth The Purchase Price?

At the time of writing both guides can be purchased for around $47. I would have to say this is very good value for money. Even if you only replaced a small part of your energy requirements it would take very little time to recoup your investment.


Both "Earth4Energy" and "Home Made Energy" offer full support via email along with a 60 day money back guarantee. (Excellent)


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