The New Austrian Energy Group Open a Round of Smart New Energy Revolution

Submitted by: Himfr Tian

From the Canadian (Mark Kerbel) simple electrical control systems to the U.S. "smart grid," the introduction of creative energy in the future want to practice, technology and the concept of human development often unexpected dimensions. The Expo Hall, the new pan-Austrian group will bring its network of smart appearance and new energy concept has become the focus of public concern, the U.S. intelligence network stands in the eyes of the world is no longer thriving.

Chinese old saying of "proper way" in low-carbon action has been most vividly in the exhibition play. Here, visitors can see not only track the direction of light irradiation of sunflower-shaped solar panels, there is a full-scale "algae-to-liquid" device.

Perhaps you will be greatly surprised, ey


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es in a transparent, light green liquid pipeline can of carbon dioxide for food, after handling every level, the final conversion to biodiesel.This is China's clean energy innovation from the company demonstrated the new Austrian technology group. Austrian group also adopted a new interactive touch screen display to visitors - the pan can network. Pan-network platform to reflect the energy of innovation, both to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, to achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction, or even "zero carbon."

Proposed the concept of the current environment, China and the world's energy situation is a "good medicine" These innovative new energy technologies will bring a new industry - smart new energy. So smart new energy is what? He is not an abstract concept, simply, is that the system energy efficiency technology and IT technology coupled to a smart new energy systems industry. Energy industry is to combine it with the IT industry to make a different energy to a unified platform on the basis of mutual transformation of people's different needs and distribution.

In another way, smart new energy industry, renewable energy not only innovative, but also energy efficient and clean use of traditional, more importantly, to the intelligent management of energy resources in order to achieve more efficient use of energy, to carbon dioxide emission reduction. To put it simply, the future, "my home's energy output my remote control", to the high and low power consumption.

Some experts said in an interview, "energy intelligence to speed up the process, they are bound to be asked to intelligence operation between the various energy sources. Pan to network emerged in this context, it is the product of the times."

Previously the industry has a perception that the financial crisis appears to be triggered by U.S. sub prime mortgage crisis, there is also the deep reason technology. Imagine, if no new scientific and technological revolution (such as new energy, bio-technology, outer space, a breakthrough in the theory of relativity), the world economy will be slowing down.

Fourth scientific and technological revolution will also take full account of human factors, by the end of 2006, the U.S. "Time magazine" Person of the Year for 2006 was awarded the "YOU", on behalf of the millions of individuals, declare the "era of individual consumption," the advent of. The originator of Neurophysiology, Sir Charles Sherrington also believes that the fourth field of scientific and technological revolution the revolution must be conscious.

This can be attributed to pan to network tasks: the material into energy, then transformed by information systems to people's everyday lives, this will be the initial stage of low-carbon society, it means to lead low-carbon technologies start to real change in the daily lives of ordinary people.


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