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Food safety is a discipline, prevent foodborne illness way of describing handling, preparation and storage of food. This includes a number of routines to be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. In this line of thought the track was between industry and market, market, and consumer safety. In considering the industrial market practice, food safety considerations include the origins of food, including food labeling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide residues practices, as well as biotechnology and food policy and guidelines for the management of the government food import and export inspection and certification systems.

In the practice of considering consumer market, usually think of is that food should be safe in the market, t


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he concern is food safer for consumers childbirth and preparation.

Food can transmit disease from person to person, as well as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning. In developed countries there is a complex food preparation standards, and in the less developed countries, the main problem is simply to provide enough safe water, which is usually a critical item. In theory, 100% can prevent food poisoning.

ISO22000 is an international organization established by the standards and food safety standardization. This is a common derivative ISO9000. ISO22000 standard: ISO22000 international standards for food quality management system that involves interactive communication, system management, prerequisite programs, HACCP principles requirements.For traning of food safety visit us.

However, according to unit 04 - Communication for Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, European Commission (SANCO): "Codex Alimentarius Commission, members of the voluntary application, and recommended that the Codex standard in many cases, serve as a basis for national legislation. Refer to Codex food safety standards, sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS Agreement) of the World Trade organization's agreement means that the Codex Alimentarius Commission has far-reaching implications, settling trade disputes, WTO members want to apply more stringent food quality measures than those Codex Alimentarius Commission may need science to prove that these measures.

Therefore, the agreement was signed in 2003 by all Member States, including all the European Union, in the Codex in CODEX STAN 240 - 2003 coconut milk containing sulfite additives like E223 and E224 to 30 mg / kg, does not mean that they are allowed to enter the EU, Denmark RASFF entry: 2012.08342011.1848 EN2011.168, "sulfites illegally from Thailand coconut milk." with polysorbate É435: 2012.0838 from Denmark, unauthorized polysorbate coconut milk and from the French 2007.AIC. latter applies only to amend its legislation within the European Union (EU) no 583 / July 2012 2012 yuan 2, allows this additive has been used for decades, it is absolutely necessary.For food safety Certification.

We provide services towards achieving certifications for :

⇒ SQF: Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a global food safety standard. Companies build a food safety management system based on the requirements found in the SQF Code.

⇒ BRC: The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is one of the leading trade associations in the United Kingdom. They represent all forms of retailers from small, independently owned stores, to big chain stores and department stores.

⇒ FSSC: Food safety system certification 22000.

⇒ ISO 22000: Food safety management systems.

⇒ ISO 22001: Guidelines on the application of ISO 9001:2000 for the food and drink.

⇒ ISO/TS 22002: Prerequisite programmes on food safety

⇒ ISO TS 22003: Food safety management systems for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems.

⇒ ISO TS 22004: Food safety management systems - Guidance on the application of ISO 22000:2005.

⇒ ISO 22005: Traceability in the feed and food chain - General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation.

⇒ ISO 22000: It is also used in the Food Safety Systems Certification (FSSC) Scheme FS22000.

⇒ FS22000: It is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved scheme.


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