Forex Trading Systems - Your Key to Building Wealth With Forex Trading

Submitted by: Richard M. Davieess

In my very humble opinion Forex trading systems are the very foundation of successful trading.

In brief, a trading system simply put is a set of rules or instructions to be followed in order to enter and exit a trade. Trading systems are also referred to as trading methods, trading techniques, as well as trading strategies.

Usually when we speak of trading systems we are referring to those constructed using technical analysis.

Trading systems have become even more popular as the power of personal computers have increased tremendously. The power to analyze your trading ideas has never been greater and many traders are now taking advantage of that fact.

When it comes to acquiring a trading system you usually have two choices. You can cr


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eate your own or you can buy or lease a trading system created by someone else. Which route you decide to go depends on your level of skill and technical analysis, your time, and your budget.

So why use a trading system?

There are numerous reasons that trading systems have become so popular. There used by everyone from the newest trader to multibillion-dollar financial institutions. Trading systems are effective and they are here to stay.

One reason that trading systems are so effective is that they essentially eliminate guesswork. In a properly constructed trading system the trader is instructed as to when to give in, how much to risk, and when to get out. Those are the components of a very basic Forex trading system.

Knowing exactly what to do prior to entering a trade can go a long way towards minimizing the emotions associated with trading. Controlling your emotions in trading is so important there is an entire field of psychology dedicated to it. It makes perfect sense that trading can become an emotional issue, however, because money has many emotions attached to it.

Another reason that trading systems are so popular is that they are verifiable. This simply means that a trader can take their trading system and run that system on historical data to see how it would have performed in the past. While past performance is absolutely no guarantee of future results a trained technical analyst can gain valuable insight as to how a trading system might perform in the future.

There are numerous commercial Forex trading systems available for those who have neither the desire nor the time to build and test their own. These commercial trading systems are so numerous in fact that it seems that I receive a notification of a new one just about every day.

A simple word of caution when you're looking at commercially available trading systems... take your time and evaluate them thoroughly before making your purchase or lease. I say this simply because I've taken a look at many of the numerous systems that are currently available and it appears that not all of them are created equal. Some systems look great at the outset and may appear very exciting because they trade frequently. Unfortunately once you figure in the transaction costs associated with each trade the systems don't look quite as good and some of them actually even fail miserably.

The next step is to educate yourself enough to properly evaluate a trading system. By learning to evaluate trading systems effectively you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.


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