The Wrestling Game Online

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The Wrestling Game is a totally free browser game about wrestling, therefor all you need to play it is an Internet connection and a browser (like Internet Explore, Firefox, Opera, Safari or many more).

Are you tough enough to wrestle with the best players of the world?

Hogan, Rock, Lesnar, HHH, SCSA are only kids for you?

So, you think you're unpinable and / or unsubmissionable?

Just prove it and join The Wrestling Game, the best browser game ever created!

There are 5 classes that you can choose for your own wrestler with 5 different class abilities:

1- strength (the toughest things in the world, they're able to destroy the opponents with devastating manoeuvres);

2- technique (the masters of submissions, they're able to avoid the opponent moves and to conne


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ct devastating grapples holds);

3- speed (cruiser-weight champions are speed class wrestlers. These wrestlers are able to perform an incredible series of moves and have high possibility to block or avoid the opponent’s moves);

4- resistance (these wrestlers are real bulldozers. Resistance class wrestlers are very hard to stare down);

5- balanced (The most versatile wrestlers of the game. This class is able to learn any statistic in a shorter period).

In this browser wrestling game you will fight with people around the world and you can challenge the best players of the planet, train your wrestler, learn the strongest moves, increase your special abilities to win more matches, fight the masters to level up, create your finishers and trademark moves, buy your own entrance to become the most popular wrestler in the world!!!!!

You can also join a roster to compete for the highest title belts, take part in the backstage story lines and have a full immersion in The Wrestling Game’s world, become GM to write yours own shows and you as well become reporter and / or news reporter for the site!!!!!!

You will get an extra bonus for each friend you bring in The Wrestling Game.

This browser game is really fun, you can also become a The Wrestling Game supporter activating the premium option that allow you to chat with others wrestlers (instead only with private messages), have a lower timer match, have a friends list, see others wrestlers settings, hide your setting, have a stats queue, have a public palmares (with all your titles wins), choose your own avatar and, last but not least, you will have the update a week before others wrestlers!

So, what are you waiting for join The Wrestling Game, Christmas?!


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