Eat Green, Get Lean

Submitted by: Emily Taggart

Eating whole organic foods has become a fast growing way to lean and healthier. When you eat organic foods, your overall health will be greatly improved. The reason being is that you will not be consuming those harmful chemicals that are in conventionally grown foods. These chemicals are used to increase that shelf life and keep pests away from them. They sound beneficial, but they can have long term affects in the human body.

We fool ourselves into thinking that when we eat a piece of fruit that we are benefiting our health. In reality, the nutrients that are ingested from the fruit are used to detoxify our bodies of the chemicals eaten that are in the fruit.
Recent studies have concluded that this cancellation between chemicals and nutrients in our foods is causing increasing under-nutrition in the human popula


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tion. It’s very dangerous to your health when you don’t nourish your body enough to fuel you with energy and manage stress.

One way to eat green and get lean is to eat mostly plants. You don’t have to become a vegetarian or vegan, but making plants the main part of your diet will greatly benefit your health and help you loose weight.

Many people feel like they are missing something from the meals when they don’t eat meat. This leads to many people overeating and not maintaining the right portions of food each day. Even though eating green is healthier, eating too much adds to many calories to your daily intake.

When you cut out a lot of meat from your diet, you need to replace the protein you would get from the meat with healthier sources of protein. Try to eat plants that have a good amount of protein to substitute animal proteins. Other great sources of healthy protein are nuts, seeds, and eggs. Without protein in your diet, you will loose muscle mass and only gain fat.

The key to getting lean by going green is to maintain a good metabolism. Your metabolism is responsible for burning fat, and if you have a high metabolism, you can burn more without working hard.

Some people are born with naturally high metabolism levels, but some of us just aren’t that lucky. The best way to raise your metabolism is to eat about five meals throughout the day, which will constantly keep your metabolism going all day.

Eating all throughout the day may seem like it will make you gain weight. But, eating perfectly portioned, green meals throughout the day won’t. You should try to plan your meals to include all of the main food groups, including protein.
Doing this will keep your energy levels constant and you will loose weight because it will keep your body from thinking it is hungry.

Your last meal should be about tree hours before you sleep, so that you have the chance to burn a significant amount of calories before it they can turn into fat while you sleep.

Also, in addition to eating green, you should make sure that you are drinking enough water all throughout the day and maintain an efficient exercise regiment.

Eating green by eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables, eating the right portions, and eating all throughout the day will help in becoming healthier and get leaner.


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