So You Want A Lean, Muscular Body?

Submitted by: Ben Kong

So you want a lean, muscular body that is strong, healthy with tons of energy to power you through your day do you?

Join a gym, read up on healthy living and start eating ‘pretty healthy’ and before you know it you will look like the guy on the cover on Men’s Health right?


You would think that with the multi billion-dollar fitness industry that supposedly “supports” you in your goals and living in the high tech digital information age that achieving a lean, rock-hard and sculpted body would be easier than ever. (Check out this great article on nutrtion – the cornerstone of your success:

But it’s not. With the breakneck pace of modern living we are sub


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jected to information overload like never before including more than ever companies and individuals who are seeking to tap into torrents of money to be made the health and fitness industry.

The whole multi-billion dollar health and fitness industry is a whole universe unto itself. There is a very small corner filled with powerful life changing knowledge but most people never even catch a glimpse of this area of scientific, real world proven information that delivers results in spades because they are surrounded by massive amounts of conflicting and confusing information that wreaks havoc with their efforts to create the body they desire. (Here's a great article on the massive difference quality training delivers:

Only a percentage of the population actively seeks to improve their health and fitness. This is unfortunate enough however what is really abhorrent is that this commendable minority are crippled by lies and misinformation and waylaid at every opportunity by unscrupulous companies and individuals that pander to their vanities, fears and insecurities instead of empowering them with solid, truthful real world ideas and information that will allow them to enhance their lives through transforming their body. It is with the Ultimate Body Success program that we seek to bring you the truth once and for all and take a stand against the tsunami of lies that drowns the masses.

The simple fact of the matter is that a only a select few achieve the outstanding results in the gym that have been ‘promised’ to them by the fitness marketing hype and most people are just wasting their time. To the casual observer it may not look like this “Gym Elite” are doing all that much different from the average Joe spinning their wheels. After all, they seem to train on the same equipment, seem to do the same exercises and follow a fairly basic program that looks much the same as any other.

Yet this elite group seems to progress faster, get astronomically better results and most of all despite an obvious intensity to their training, they seem to have a peaceful confidence and effortlessness in the way they approach their daily lives. It is almost as if they know with a profound certainty that their training will give them exactly the results they desire without the slightest sliver of doubt.

Compare this to the average gym rat searching for the perfect routine, going gung ho for 3 weeks and not training the next 2, eating “pretty good” and dragging themselves through their "hard" workout and trying supplement after supplement in vain hope of finding their personal “holy grail” for very little reward. At best some guys might get a few results through luck or by coincidentally tapping into a small part of what the elite do and know by accident but they will never be able to hold on to their success very long because they have not discovered and incorporated into their being the underlying true secret to physical mastery that guarantees a lifetime of achieving every result that you desire with your body.

To achieve a chiselled, rock-hard and powerful physique you first must know the key secret that unlocks your ability to achieve results beyond your imagination. It is a simple truth and once you understand it your life will never be the same again. It is an extremely simple idea but like Ocham’s Razor it slices away all the maelstrom of confusion about how to actually build muscle effectively and strip body fat at will.

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About the Author: Ben Kong is the author and co-creator of Ultimate Body Success - The Impossible To fail, Total Lifestyle System For Creating Your Best Body Ever. Click the link now to find out once and for all how to profoundly transform your body beyond belief.