How to Harness the Latest Graphic Design Technology For Graphic Designers

Submitted by: Brian Scott

You may have natural artistic talent. However, you may not know what types of graphic arts technology is available to you today.

If you are planning to enter the field of graphic design, you need to know what graphic design programs are available. You will also need to know how they benefit you.

You will come across several different graphics and animation programs that professional graphic designers regularly use. The top-level design programs include Adobe, Corel, and QuarkXPress.

These companies typically offer graphics software that is categorized in one of three basic ways:

1) Photo Editing: These programs allow you to enhance the quality of you photos. You can make them look the way you want them to look. You can adjust settings, suc


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h as light and shadow, color and contrast, and numerous other options. You can also use photo editing programs to cut and crop images to place together to form a new graphic image.

Photo editing software lets you duplicate portions of images in certain programs. This helps you create a continual effect in photos. For instance, perhaps you need to remove or alter a tree branch that is blocking part of someone’s facial features. Some photo programs will allow you to see right into that person’s eyes.

2) Drawing/Illustration: Many professional graphics programs feature drawing tools. Often these are used in conjunction with photo editing programs. However, you can also use these tools to create new images. These drawings are often converted into 2D or 3D animation.

3) Animation: Numerous graphics programs help you to design animated products. You can create Flash banner ads, full-length movies, or construct interactive content. You can convert animated files into a variety of different formats for online and offline use.

Now, you may be wonder why graphic design programs are so costly. The reason why is because they offer many tools that free programs lack.

If free graphic design software packages have frustrated you in the past, then you will understand why you need more advanced tools. As a budding professional, you will want to cut out images precisely.

As equally as important, you'll want to cut objects to the shape you need them and place them flawlessly on backgrounds. Furthermore, you'll want to turn heads and objects to the exact angle in the photo.

None of the free basic programs will do that for you. If you cannot afford costly graphic design programs, then look at cheaper premium programs.

For instance, you can purchase Photoshop Elements, which has many of the same features as the full version of Photoshop. You can find other free animation and Flash trial versions as well.

You might be surprised what you find when you look. Some generic programs have many functions as the brand name software and at a fraction of the cost.

Before you invest, make sure what you purchase is worth it to you. It would be very unfortunate if you invested in a program you don’t need or a program that is too far outdated.

Every graphic design and photo editing program is different. Try out a few quality programs and decide which one works for you.

You may decide a couple of different programs to use together. This will provide maximum results for less money in some cases. Usually it works best if you use an entire suite of products, such as Adobe products, that you know will work flawlessly together.


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