The Truth About Seduction

Submitted by: Max Sullivan

Seduction has been in question for its real purpose. Even if it is done in the most subtle way or even the most obvious reason, seducing an opposite sex is to have sex with the seduced prey. This is the art of getting sexual satisfaction for many, both males and females.

The sexual desire for some is very strong and the way for the satisfaction of this sexual desire is seducing a partner to copulate with the seducer. Even if the goal is just to have sex, there are still certain rules or strategy that needs to be learned to get your sexual prey surrender.

Others find the thrill of seduction for the chase than their conquest. Finding someone they want and pursuing that individual to surrender in a sexual activity with them fills them with excitement. Some also find the power of their attraction self-fulfi


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lling by getting another person’s attention focused on them sexually.

The two different purposes on the act of seducing an opposite sex have two different personalities, as well. The ones who seduce for the chase are commonly the ones with very strong confidence and personality. On the other hand, the ones that seduce for the self-fulfillment of knowing that someone else appreciates their sexual prowess are usually with less self-confidence.

Sometimes, it is also very important to choose the right person to seduce. Instinct is a very important part on choosing a sexual partner. Seducing a prey needs to be applied in the right time and place, nevertheless, being in the wrong time and place with the knowledge of surrendering from the prey adds more arousal, challenge and excitement to the act of seducing.

It is important for the seducer to get hints of interests from the chosen prey. Body language is the best place to look for the clues. This is because some people may not be very verbal about their willingness to go to bed with the seducer. You must learn to look for the open gestures. You can get the biggest clue to the willingness of your chosen partner with the eyes. Gazing and getting long eye contacts suggest that your prize is all yours to take. Trust your instincts and go for the kill!

Flirting is similar with the act of seducing a partner. In flirting, we show our partner that we need to be wooed continuously to keep other interested people off limits. However, when flirting is applied in seduction, we are arousing a person’s interests and sexual desire, as well as showing that you both are into something.

When the contact is finally made, get the information on what kind of sex will likely take place. There is a need for self-disclosure for both to learn if they will make a good sex partner. Sustaining the attraction at this stage is very important; it might make or break the final reaping of your hard work in seducing and working your charms at your prey. In the end, the prey may even be the predator too when things are led to the right way.


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