Healthy Lifestyle

Submitted by: Georgia Harrison

Nothing is more important than you health. Excessive weight gain is the culprit of many illnesses then you go to the doctor and are put on medication which is damaging your body more versus an exercise regimen. Excessive weight plays a major role in personal development and self esteem. In America, one of the biggest problems is a lack of activity. We seem to think that exercise has got to be vigorous in order to be beneficial so therefore a lot of us care not to exercise~~ not so. Movement is movement, the more you do of it the healthier you become. Moderate activities such as our daily chores, walking across the parking lot to the grocery store instead of parking in front of the door is exercise. Each day add a little more movement. Walk, Walk and Walk. Exercise benefits the body in many ways just to name a few are 1) Redu


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ces stress and depression 2) Reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes 3) Maintain Bone mass 4) Helps maintain flexibility, increase and improve range of movement

As it is in a nutshell people who hate their bodies because they have excessive weight start judging themselves by what the scale says, in other words our lives are judged by pounds each day, bringing our self esteem down, leading to a more devastating and life-threatening problem to that of a eating disorder due to low self esteem. We all know obesity starts as a child and it triggers from low self esteem. A healthy lifestyle with economy today is a good fit, eat strictly vegetables, omit meat everyday and exercise.I suggest you use these simple tips to change gradually how you eat: * Eat more fruit~ Add it in cereal, salads and for each snack * Change salad dressing~ switch to something light * Substitutions~ Substitute of about 2 of your favorite foods with something low-calorie. * Plenty of Vegetables (A Meal) Making small changes in your diet will be rewarding to yourself for a life time. A good walk I can not stress enough is excellent. With a healthy diet you will automatically lose weight without effort.

Another regimen is a Detox Diet which involves detoxifying the body by removal of toxins. This diet suggests fruits and vegetables majority of food intake;Limiting this to unprocessed foods. Limiting or eliminating alcohol and drinking more water (6-8 glasses daily) is recommended. Critics point out that the human Liver, Kidney, Lungs and Skin have evolved to adequately expel environmental contaminants and are perfectly equipped to continue to do so unassisted. It is noted that some fruits and vegetables may actually contain more natural toxins than animal substances such as meat, fish, and milk. The duration ranges from one week to ten days. Most people feel better, focused and vibrant after and during a detoxification. However, it is because of not eating too heavy and eliminating all the sugars, caffeine, and meats from the body. Therefore, calorie restriction leads to a more balanced feeling of well-being. Detoxifying the body helps eliminate excessive fats stored in the body so you lose weight naturally. Toxins are everwhere something we just can not avoid but we can detoxify our bodies periodically with organic fruits and veggies.


About the Author: I believe in Integrity and Honesty. I use everyday as a day of reflection for just how much we have to be grateful for. My Motto: "Treat everyone the way I want to be treated."