Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Your Way to a Healthy Body

Submitted by: Wilma A. Wild

Year 2008 is passing by so fast, that it’s nearly the end of the year. And in the coming months, you will be creating again your list of New Year’s resolution. For the incoming year, what will be on top of your list?

For most people, they may have a hard time listing down all the things they need to accomplish for next year, but sticking to it is even harder, especially on health issues.

Resolution 1: Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Always remember that a healthy body can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is not done overnight. It takes a lot longer than you can imagine. You cannot just be healthy for quite some time. It should be a whole lifetime. To reach your goal, you have to establish first a healthy lifestyle.

• Eat t


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hree full and balanced meals a day. Remember the go, grow, and glow foods every time you prepare your meals.
• Have more than five different fruits a day. Fruits are good sources of antioxidants.
• Develop a regular bowel movement. This is your body’s one way of cleansing.
• Exercise daily. You have to sweat out to renew skin cells.
• Drink lots of water and fruit juices daily. This promotes good digestion.
• Quit smoking. It will make you look younger.
• Drink alcoholic drinks in moderation. It’s always the doctor’s advice, and you also see them even in commercials.
• Get enough hours of sleep. Take enough rest.

Resolution 2: Stick to It

Sticking to resolution 1 is even harder and it takes a lot of courage to do so. However, keep in mind that you are doing it for your own good, and not for the sake of others. Think of the benefits you are assured to get once you stick to it.

• You will look younger.
• Your hair becomes shinier.
• You will have good eyesight.
• Your skin will be younger looking.
• Your body stays fit and sexy.
• You will have longer life.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

No matter how difficult it may be, always focus your eye on the goal. Once an idea is conceived in the mind, it will narrow down to your actions and feelings. Always stick in your memory that you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle, and there’s no point in turning back once you have already started it. When you put it into mind, you will feel good about everything that you do. By and by, your system will learn to love it. Hence, it strengthens your desire to go on through the whole process. Sooner, you will have gained more benefits. You feel good about yourself. Hence, you are able to boost your confidence. You will be satisfied with the results, and there’s a fulfillment of all your efforts.

Other Helpful Tips

While you are in the momentum, avoid stress. It may weaken your desire to continue with your quest to a healthy body. When you are stressed, you tend to retroact. Your system may go back initially go back to old practices. Take things lightly and do not overwork yourself. If it helps, take a vacation and give yourself a good break to rejuvenate your mind and body.


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