How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Submitted by: Penny Lane

If pregnancy is in your future or you are already pregnant, you probably have a number of concerns about your health. Not only are you responsible for your own health during a pregnancy, but also your body is supporting the health of your child. The healthier you are; the better chance your child has of growing into a healthy newborn. It does not matter if you get pregnant the traditional way or if you undergo IVF or infertility treatments. The goal is to be as healthy as possible when you get pregnant and maintain that good health throughout the period of your pregnancy. You need to make responsible choices and care for your body better than ever before.

Obviously, if you drink alcohol or smoke, you will need to stop these habits during the pregnancy. Though there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a


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n adult beverage, it is better to avoid liquor while pregnant. Fetal alcohol syndrome usually requires heavy drinking on the part of the mother during pregnancy to do damage, but even a little alcohol is not worth the risk. If a lot of alcohol does a lot of damage, it stands to reason that a little alcohol will do a little damage. No mother should want to do even a little damage to their growing child.

If you are currently exercising when you get pregnant, you can continue to do so during your pregnancy, but you might need to cut back. Strenuous exercise is usually not recommend, but what is strenuous for one woman might not be so for someone else. Speak with your doctor about your current routine so she can determine if adjustments need to be made. If you want to begin a routine now, ease into it slowly and keep things gentle during the pregnancy.

You will likely receive prenatal vitamins that you should take while pregnant. These not only supply you with additional things your body needs, they help the baby’s development, too. Since your body is now living for two, you will need more replenishment. Vitamins can help you with a boost of anything your body lacks.

If you are a healthy eater, continue to make smart food choices. You might need to cut down on some things that are normally healthy, but should not be eaten while pregnant. Sushi is an example of this. A little sushi is usually not bad for you, even if there are traces of mercury. However, traces can be dangerous for a growing baby, so it is better to not eat any raw fish at all while pregnant. If you did not eat healthy before getting pregnant, now is the best time to start. You are not only feeding your own body, you are feeding your child’s body. You will want to be healthy and strong, too, for delivery and while your child is young. Babies require a lot of energy and a healthy diet provides what you need for the exhausting time that lies ahead.


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