Elevating Betting Proficiency To Betting Artistry To Advance Your Horse Racing System

Submitted by: Ethann McKinley

Successful professional punters have elevated their betting proficiency to the higher level of betting artistry. They have achieved this transition through continuous learning, consistent practice, and sheer will and determination. Add in a little personal flair not found in any horse racing system, and you have a definite winner!

Situations that Allow for Betting Artistry

Like the masters of art, betting artistry requires that you adopt out-of-the-box decisions to arrive at profitable masterpieces. There are proven betting rules but there are always exceptions to the rules!

Even if your horse racing system says otherwise, in situations where two or more horses have almost equal chances of winning, back the stronger horses th


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at are overlays. For example, if Horse A possesses a small advantage over Horse Z but Horse A is 9-5 while Horse Z is 5-1, all other things being almost equal, then you should bet for Horse Z. Always go for the overlays.

Look for exceptional overlays in exacta bets. These are bets that provide good value, which means a 50-100% overlay. You can also settle for good value exactas that provide a minimum of 20% overlays.

In any horse racing system, the decision to place a minimum bet or a maximum bet depends on rational and logical factors. In betting artistry however, the decision to place a maximum bet is ruled by gut feel and intuition. Often, the gut instinct is founded on rationality, but the emotionality of the decision can be unrelenting. Go for the kill if you feel it coming.

Betting artists also encounter losing streaks. In these situations, they decrease bet-size to the very minimum with the objective of minimizing losses. Bear in mind that there will be "off days" in your gambling career, but this does not mean that you should totally stop. Just go back to basics in regards to bet-size.

A good horse racing system should demand that you increase bet-size during a winning streak. This is also true in betting artistry. Press your advantage to the maximum level, which can last for as little as a few days to as long as almost the entire season.

Ways to Achieve Betting Artistry

As previously stated, betting artistry comes only after you have mastered the basics of betting. Bear in mind that masters must start somewhere and that somewhere is being a slave to the rules first.

Read books dealing with horse racing particularly those that cover a successful horse racing system you can understand and use. Ask around; other punters might be willing to help you with useful tips. Practice your new-found skills and knowledge as much as you possibly can, time and money permitting.

When you have learned all you can about the rationality and logic behind your preferred horse racing system, you can then begin to experiment with it to give way to the more emotional and intuitive aspects of horse racing.

Indeed, it is only when you have mastered the rules of being a slave to the basics of horse racing can you start your journey towards becoming a master of betting artistry.


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