Horse Betting Program

Submitted by: Rob Miller

Horse racing is one of the most popular gambling pursuits of all time. The "Sport of Kings" as it has been labeled is followed passionately by people from all over the world, wagering fortunes on their individual horse racing system.

In order to be successful with your horse racing system there are a number of important factors which should be studied in order to give your horse betting program a higher percentage chance of success.

Fitness, studying the current form of a racehorse is the best way to gauge this. If you are a new gambler you should certainly only pick well established runners and avoid the two year olds until they gain experience.

Track conditions, pay attention to track conditions, whether the ground is hard or muddy it is extremely important to give this a priority in any horse raci


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ng system that you follow. Track conditions can either enhance or reduce a horse's performance. Even a horse has certain conditions they like and some they do not.

Distance, it's important to look for horses with proven ability over their optimum distance, this does not necessarily mean a winning finish every time but a consistently good finish at similar distances. Think about it you would not as a 100m sprinter to run a marathon for you.

The racecourse itself, all racecourses are different and this will have a bearing on how a horse performs. Take time to study each track with your own horse racing system, does your horse enjoy the long straight stretches or those tight twisting circuits, keep a log of performance and preferences.

Trainers, learn what you can about individual trainers by studying race commentaries in various form books and by watching as much of the race as you can, this will enable you to identify which types of races certain trainers perform better in.

Jockeys, jockeys can not make winners out of unsuitable or incapable horses, but poor riding can make losers out of racing certainties. Make a note of the amateurs and apprentice riders in order to identify next seasons winning jockeys.

You maybe sat there now thinking I cant do all that. I just want to know what horse will win. Well I have discovered a fantastic horse betting program. It not only does all this work for you with proven results, it tells you to bet on the loser.

Below are 4 simple tips you can use to give yourself a stepping stone but it is highly advised you visit
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Tip 1

Knowing your math in this sport does help. The guys that are making the money do and so should you. Lets be you are not going to want to bet on a horse that has no chance in the world.

Tip 2

Know the sport. This can be classed for anything that you may bet on. It is MUCH less important than tip number 1, but it helps. The thing to concentrate on is the "X-factor" of a race; that is, what degree of random craziness is likely to affect the outcome of any given race.

Tip 3

Handicap the situation, not the race. This is what the winners can do and the losers can not. The public is out there betting on the best-looking horse and maybe they liked the name of the horse – and they are losers. Look for undervalued horses based on the situation. For example, a horse that is just at its best and is running in its favored conditions. Lets say the "dark horse".

Tip 4

Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll without you may as well give up. This is what kills most punters. Always bet the same percentage of your set playing bankroll on every game (somewhere between 2% and 6%) no matter how much you think you like the bet.


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