Traffic Revealed - Top 4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Super Fast

Submitted by: Bilal Darr

It's not possible to make money online without traffic. You need traffic to make money. If you want to earn a living from the Internet you need to make sure you learn and have knowledge of all the traffic methods and techniques. I'm going to go through 4 of fastest, easiest and simplest methods that you can use that will generate you large amounts traffic. Remember us marketers have a secrets formula which is traffic equals money. So if you want to learn how to get lots and lots of targetted traffic to your site read this article now.

Search Engine Optimization Traffic

Search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic, it's free, organic and it's on autopilot. With search engine traffic you don't do any work once you've optimized your page, built your links


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and submitted to various places.

SEO is way of optimizing your website so that it becomes search engine friendly, this will allow you to receive large boosts of traffic from the search engines. You need to choose at least 10 keywords that are related to your niche, optimize one page per keyword. There are two types of optimization on page and off page. On page is when you configure the title tags, meta tags and other on page options. Off page is when you build links, public relations, submit your site to social book marking sites and article distribution.

Forum Traffic

Forum traffic comes from forums, placing your links in the signature can get you vast amounts of traffic almost instantly. You need to check if forums allow you to place links in the signature and also make sure you don't spam the forums just to get traffic. Help out people with there problems related to your niche, build a good picture and appear as an expert this will get you lots and lots of traffic.

Video Traffic

Video Traffic comes from free video sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. When submitting a video try making it funny, scary and an emotional twist to your video. It doesn't matter which niche your video belongs to as long as it has an emotional side to it. You want your videos to go viral, one of the main things which I make sure my videos always has, is quality. Without quality you won't get anywhere. To submit your site to multiple video sites in one go I would recommend you use TubeMogul, its an excellent free service.

Social Bookmarking Traffic

Social bookmarking traffic comes from places like Digg and delicious, it amazing how many visitors you can get in matter of minutes. Make sure you submit a lot of content to these sites as you will definitely get lots and lots of targeted traffic. Onlywire is a free service which bookmarks your pages to over 10 sites in one go I would highly recommend it, if you’re serious about getting traffic.


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