First Date Ideas - Top 5 Ways to Have a More Memorable First Date

Submitted by: Emily Heart

If you always go to the same places for first dates, searching for your one true love can start to feel a bit monotonous and, if you’re getting a bit fed up with the same old scenery, that can come across as indifference to the person you are dating.

While the usual options of coffee shops, bars and restaurants are all perfectly good places to strike up a conversation, if you are looking for a relationship which challenges and excites you, the dating scenario should reflect this. Here are five inspired dating ideas which should bring out the best in both of you.

Ice skating

If your date is a talented skater, you’ll give them a chance to show off their skills and impress you. If they’re a beginner, they may have to cling onto you for support. Either w


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ay, this date’s a winner. Ice skating is romantic and graceful (or should be), and you’ll probably share a few laughs with this dating option. Plus, there’s something so romantic about getting down on one knee for a woman and tying up her skate laces!


Musicals are uplifting by nature, and should put the two of you in a good mood. You have just enough time to chat during the interval without there being any opportunity for awkward silences and, if it’s terrible, you’ll have something funny to talk about later on or the next time you meet. In any case, this is a fun, light-hearted dating choice which provides an ideal talking point.

Art Gallery

In one of the most memorable dating moments in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw meets famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at an art gallery at midnight. While meeting at midnight may not exactly be practical, the fact remains that art is often a channel to passion, creativity and romance and a visit to a good gallery could help the two of you open up to each other on a first date. You can learn a lot about a person by their responses to works of art.


Fairgrounds are noisy, bright environments which are ideal for dating. You can take your date for a ride and enjoy some forgotten childhood pleasures like candyfloss, toffee apples and helter skelters to get you both into a playful and convivial mood. Heightened emotions on more scary fairground rides can help develop that spark which all good couples thrive on, though if your first date is anything to go by, your relationship could be a bit of a rollercoaster!


Anyone who lives near to the sea or a large body of water of some kind will probably have access to a sailing or boating club. An ideal dating experience on a calm summer’s day, a boat trip will provide a unique atmosphere to build up a rapport with your date, and perhaps also give you a chance to learn something new together, which is an excellent way to get to know someone. It might be a good idea to bring a spare set of dry clothes though, just in case!


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