Fun Date Ideas To Put That Second Date In The Bag

Submitted by: Jessica S

Making a first impression is very important. Having a really fun date will really make it memorable and will make your chances for a second or third date a sure deal.

A complete night of fun date ideas –

Guys, do you really want to impress her? Try doing something different for your date night. Forget the boring old bland stuff that everyone else does. Make a lasting impression.

Here is a full night of fun date ideas that she will really love. First of all, you want to bring her something sweet and little to show her that you are happy to be taking her out on a date.

No roses, and no candy. That is just too common. You got to think outside the box. Try a single lily or a daisy.

Just something subtle that she will really enjoy. Next, you want to ta


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ke her somewhere that you think is really fun. There are many fun date ideas that she will really like.

If you're lucky enough to be taking out a woman that likes sports, take her to a sports game. If she likes outdoor activities, take her on a nature walk. What about a boat ride?

These really are fun things, and you're still able to talk to her and find out more about her. Just taking a girl to the movies does not give you the chance to really talk and get to know them.

Then, you want to feed her, since you've both worked up an appetite doing really fun things. Instead of the boring old restaurants, take her to a sidewalk sandwich shop, or something different.

How about a great art cafe? Make sure that the place you take her serves a variety of meals so she can find something she likes. You don't want to take a vegetarian to a steak house.

Another romantic and fun idea is to get a hot dog from a vendor's cart and eat it at the park. That's how you shake it up.

Last, take her for a drink. You can have some great coffee and dessert at a cafe, or finish up the night at a great lounge.

When you take her home, kiss her goodnight on the cheek, and you can be sure that she had a great time with your fun date ideas, and you didn't bore her to death.

In fact, don't be surprised if you hear a phone call from her shortly afterwards. Want some more fun date ideas? Visit for all the ideas you will ever need.


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