Snag Your Dream Date - How to Get a Date With Whoever You Want

Submitted by: Kelly Purden

When the phrase, "dream date" enters your mind, you may picture a candlelit dinner by the seashore, with a string quartet playing classical love songs in the background, or a picnic under a big oak tree, on a warm afternoon...

But mostly, you picture yourself, doing anything fun with that special person. The one with whom any date, at any day will be perfect. It can be the girl you've been fantasizing of since you first saw her at school, or your next-door neighbor with whom you had a conversation with once, in the three years that you have been neighbors.

So what hinders you from asking your dream girl out on a date? Are you shy or intimidated with that person? Or with people you saw her going out with? Well, here's news for you: you can do it. How? Read on and we'l


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l tell you how to get a date with whoever you want.

For starters, a little research goes a long way. If you have been dreaming of this special person for a long time, somehow you'll have an idea of what she wants; her interests, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her friends. If you just met this person recently, you can observe her when she's around other people. Get to know basic details about your object of affection. Just make sure you don't cross the line from admirer to stalker. If you think you've had enough information, keep those in mind until you find the guts to approach her. These bits of information will help you in planning the perfect day or evening for you and your dream date.

Which lead us to our next tip on how to get a date with whoever you want: be confident. Nothing attracts the opposite sex more than confidence. Make a list of your good qualities and read them aloud until you know and believe in them by heart. Practice your best smile in front of the mirror. Observe your posture and what it projects to other people. Doing this frequently eliminates feelings of awkwardness and builds self-confidence. With this air of certainty, you're sure to catch the eye of the person you want to attract.

When you've got your confidence in place, practice what you're going to say when you ask him or her out. Surely, there are a lot on your mind when you finally come face to face with your dream date, so practicing keeps you from stuttering and blowing your chances in asking that person out. Just don't make it sound too orchestrated; sounding like a recorded voicemail is definitely not how to get a date with whoever you want. Manage to keep a free-flowing tone while talking.

So with enough practice and confidence, you can take the big step and ask her out. Approach her in proper timing; not when she's too preoccupied with whatever it is that she's doing. Be polite in asking if you can have a conversation with her. Just remember to maintain eye contact, relax and smile. Now tell her that you've heard of this amazing band coming to town, or a movie she might be interested in watching with you. Assure her that both of you will have an amazing time.

So, those are the ways on how to get a date with whoever you want. If you follow these tips, there's no reason for that special person to turn you down, unless he or she is involved with someone else, or just too full of herself to go out with you. Just remember that it's not your loss, and there are other opportunities, or other people who are willing to give you the time of day. Besides, this article is not just about how to get a date with whoever you want, but also how to be the attractive person that others will admire.


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