Iodine For Hypothyroidism

Submitted by: Zandra Jones

Iodine is important for the production of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). It is in most foods that we eat such as diary products, fish and including iodized table salt. When there is an insuffienct amount of this important mineral in our blood stream it can cause hypothyroidism. Iodine deficiency is the number one cause of primary hypothyroidism and goiter on a worldwide basis, but this is one cause of the disease that is a hundred percent treatable.

Studies have shown that in countries like Japan, it is extremely rare to see hypothyroidism. They theorize that because their diets consist of iodine rich foods like seaweed and sea salt and that they are receiving enough of this mineral in their systems to prevent this disease. With people being more health conscience, they are limiting certain foods and salt i


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ntake. Research has indicated that by doing this, it is leaving them vulnerable to a under active thyroid.

There are other causes of an inactive thyroid so taking iodine is not always the answer. It is crucial that you consult your physician on everything you take, including supplements that contain this mineral. Only your doctor can advise on whether you should increase your iodine intake. When he or she prescribes this mineral to you, you will be monitored very closely through TSH and other blood tests. Good sources of iodine is kelp, seafood, eggs, and diary products.

Although iodine for hypothyroidism is a common form of treatment along with synthroid and other thyroid medications, it is not recommended that you do not use excessive amounts of iodized salt on your food. Although the iodized salt is a combatant to hypothyroidism, the salt itself may have adverse effects on your body.

As with anything, caution should be taken when adding this supplement to your diet because to much iodine can lead to Graves Disease. The main point is, when used under a doctor’s advice, iodine for hypothyroidism can assist you in leading a normal life.


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