Penn International: The Ultimate Big Game Penn Reels

Submitted by: Rob Fuering

To have 75 or more years in the industry is indeed a milestone. It proves to show that the company is among the top chosen by the people, the target market. Penn, maker and innovator of Penn reels, has been the leading craft designer of fishing reels for 7 decades now. Penn is one of America’s leading makers of fishing tackle. They are the producers of Penn International, the fishing reels for the “big game.” They are produced specifically for long range fishing and the fishing gear used for the gamers because Penn International reels do not compromise their strength, quality, and material integrity. Having a Penn reel is a big game fishing aficionado’s ultimate dream for their tournament-grade performance.

Big game fishing which is also called offshore game fishing or offshore


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sport fishing is one form of recreational fishing that aims to hook large fish such as marlin or tuna. It requires the use of a boat in transporting the big gamers to the fishing grounds and back, of course. Other fish targeted in big game fishing are billfish, shark and tarpon, a large coastal fish which is considered to be the prize catch. With these, you need the expertise of a Penn International, one with an improved drag performance and would endure extended fights with any big fish.

Techniques in Big Game Fishing

 Trolling involves moving the boat slowly in order to catch a large open-water fish.

 Chumming entails throwing chunks of fish as baits for the larger game fish.

 Fighting the fish, well it means technically fighting with the fish. When a fish gets hooked in the bait, the fisherman reels it in, another crew manoeuvres the boat so that the catch holds steady at the rear, and the rest of the crew makes sure that it does not get tangled with the anglers while spooling in the fish.

Penn International Reels for the Big Game

 Penn International V Series. Its frame, spool and side plates are accurately engineered from high strength solid forgings and lightweight grade aluminium alloy. It is purely alloy of intense strength. This Penn reel has the durability and quality to outmatch any competition.

 Penn International V Series Two Speed Reels. More enhancements were incorporated in this series. A push button shifter is employed with a higher capacity drag.

 Penn International VSX Series. It may be narrow and topless but is built tough. Its drag settings may be set to high but still maintain a smooth curve. The Dura-Drag system of this Penn reel is built for a long term big game performance. It has a more comfortable handle and makes shifting more accessible.

 Penn International 900 Series. This is the sport fisherman’s ultimate international quality reel. This is appropriate for light line fishing. It is compact and light but with outstanding international qualities. This Penn reel has aluminium frames and its side plates and spool are of stainless steel that is non-corrosive.

Penn International reels is the “big game” fisherman’s trusted Penn reel for offshore game fishing. You have a variety to hook the Penn International at Sea Isle Tackle.


About the Author: Penn International is The Ultimate Big Game Penn Reel - period. Sponsored by Sea Isle Tackle, Penn International Reels are the kings of all Penn Reels.

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