The Secret Seduction Society

Submitted by: Johnny One

If you're like me, and for most guys, being able to attract both beautiful and genuine women is an ability we would all love to have. If you search around the Internet looking for information on seduction theories and help on how to flirt with women. You can get lost among all the adverts and exaggerations of people all proclaiming to have the secrets of how to seduce women.

So who are the real masters of seduction?

With literally thousands of company's offers all sorts of advice, theories and what seem like outrageous claims. What do you do if you want to master your social skills with the opposite sex? Is there really a secret to how to seduce the woman of your dreams? Or is it all just based on luck, good looks and money?

I started my own personal journey to learn and find the answer to the


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art of seduction many years ago when the Internet was young. Back in my day there wasn't anywhere near as many people offering advice. So the options were small. The mainstream advice of being nice, being myself and being charming just wasn't working for me. Women were not responding in the way I wanted. Or at least I didn't have the options with women that I wanted to have. I wanted to be able to see any woman I liked anywhere and have the skills to at least get her number.

After months of poking around the underbelly of the Internet I started reading strange articles and posts of what seemed like an attempt by Internet geeks to crack the code to attracting women. Posts I didn't understand written by people with strange nicknames like NathanX, Mystery and Maniac High, using terms I couldn't follow like PUA, AFC, SET, opener, wing girl and so on.

What I had fortunately discovered all those years ago went simply by the name "The Community". A secret world of seducers and pickup artists.

The community totally changed my life. I went from being ok with women to having the choice I had always wanted. I am now able to see a women, and if I like her cold approach her, get her number and a date 95% of the time. I now have the options with women I always wanted.

I didn't become a superstar of seduction or anything like that, but some guys did! and some of those guys are the ones that advertise their services on the Internet today.

Years later the community still lives on but in a very different form. I'm going to explain to you how it all evolved and who are many of the main players now offering there services today. I'm going to help you get a better picture of who's who, where they came from and who are the real masters of seduction and teaching it.

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About the Author: John One has been in the seduction community for 10 years. For more information on seduction try here. Also Master Your Sex Life is a good place to find out more.