What is a Landing Page?

Submitted by: Mike Gates

This term is usually used by the SEO companies. It is otherwise referred to as “lead capture page” or “lead generation page”. Landing pages play a vital role in the key sales of your products.

The landing page is a part of your website; it appears whenever an internet user clicks on the advertisement of your website which is displayed on some other websites. The landing page is linked with google adwords, social media websites: like Facebook, twitter and My Space. An organization usually targets its visitors by displaying some particular ads on the internet or on the social media networking sites mentioned above. The visitor would be sent to the service page which would contain some speculations regarding the product. The crucial goal of the affiliate marketers is to alter the visitor either into a lead or a


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As mentioned earlier, the landing page is the first web page an internet user notices when he/she clicks on the advertising link of your website. Internet users usually behave like a two year old child, for example: if you do not see anything attractive within the first five seconds of your visit to the landing page you would abscond immediately.

Sometimes, the landing pages confuse the website users instead of encouraging them to purchase the products. While setting up a landing page for your website, you should place yourself in your customers’ shoes and add content which would encourage the customers to purchase your products. Business organizations do know the details of their products but sometimes business organizations undervalue the knowledge of their customers. Usually customers will not have great knowledge about some business services and products, so, your job will be to explain every single detail of your products that too in an apt manner.

Your landing page has to contain some important points about your products; similarity towards your keywords would be a noteworthy thing. If you intend to receive visitors to your website through a particular keyword, you better add content similar to it, in your landing pages. This also increases your website’s connectivity in google adwords and also facilitates an internet user getting directed to the desired page. If the content of your website is not relevant to what was displayed in google adwords, the customer may leave the web page at once. You should not let lose your potential customers at all costs. Consider that you use any pay per click ad campaigns and lose customer frequently because of the irrelevant content on the landing page. This means, you are simply losing money without any profits.

It necessitates business organizations to keep tabs on leads, conversions and all the traffic that visits the main website through the landing page to analyse the efficiency of the landing page. If the landing page is generating more traffic but fewer conversions, then your landing page needs to be changed. If that is the case, you would like to test the landing page for yourself or would test it on someone else who knows nothing about your business. Testing the page yourself will not be a good idea instead of that and testing the landing page on someone else would help you generate a good landing page for sure but that may invite confusions to your customers.


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