Blue Moons, Magic Spells and Moonstone Jewelry

Submitted by: Ainsley Howard

Blue Moons and Moonstones

When the stones in your bracelet shimmer like the sea washed with moonlight, you have magic. Those stones are moonstones, a form of feldspar that combined with potassium to attain that translucent glow when it reflects light. Moonstone jewelry has been a favorite with women for centuries.

Moonstones are abundant in Sri Lanka, Burma and Switzerland. The ones in your bracelet or necklace is classified is an orthoclase known as adularia, because it develops in hydrothermal and volcanic deposits. This type has a translucent appearance and shimmering shine. On the rough, moonstones are nothing to look at. An expert cutter is needed to cut the stones for moonstone jewelry.

The moonstones were called many names in ancient times. To the Roman Plin


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y, it was astrion. The stones had a spot, which was believed to be the reflection of the moon; to Italian Camillus Leonardus, a mineralogist and astronomer, it was selenites - another attribution to the moon's glow. The moonstones had several names but it was always associated with the moon.

In Asia, the blue moonstones were attributed to the Blue Moon, an occurrence that shows up in every two or three years. This happens when there is an extra full moon in the lunar cycles or every 2.72 years. The extra full moon your Blue Moon. When you gaze at your moonstone jewelry, you'll find that moon glow and magic.

Give the Gift of the Moon's Glow

An engagement ring with a luminous moonstone is romantic, considering the myths associated with it. Moonstones were believed to bring luck in love and strengthen the bonds of love. But any moonstone jewelry - necklace, bracelet, or cabochon - will always give that "magic."

With the holidays fast approaching and you're stumped for gift ideas for the special women in your life, think of moonstone jewelry. These are matched with precious stones - garnet, lapiz, onyx, amethyst, and other semi-precious stones and lavishly decorated with sterling silver.

You can go over a wide selection of designs and colors. Moonstones come in varied hues and can be pink blue, white, colorless, gray, black and brown. You can choose the color to match the blue in your mom's eyes, or the choose pink for a young girl. Grandmothers would be fine with gray and black which would suit their Sunday best. Perhaps you would like to give your Dad or husband a moonstone tie clip?

The assortment of moonstone jewelry is as varied as the number of designers and the materials used. There are ethnic designs from India, Burma, and Sri Lanka and which give the jewelry pieces its own character. The jewelry pieces are crafted by experts with an eye for design and you will be delighted with the prices! You can get a pair of earrings for less that $100!

The gift of jewelry is always treasured. Make this Christmas a memorable one for your loved ones. Let the moonstone jewelry speak of your affection towards the women in your life.


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