Male Sexual Enhancement and Increase Male Libido and Increase Penis Size

Submitted by: Dr.Mike Boucher

Low libido is something that every man dreads. Facing sexual or erectile dysfunction is what is men fear the most. It has extreme effects on their psyche and confidence.

Though most of the time erectile dysfunction is pychological, it has a spiral effect when you think that something is extremely wrong and you are not upto it. This feeling makes you a failure again and again, worsening the situation. So if you have not been able to get an erection during a single act, it is better to relax and not think of it. You will be able to live up to the performance, the next time if you do not live under the stress that something is wrong with you.

Low sex drive in older men is a common problem. There are many possible external and internal factors that cause a man t


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o become disinterested in sex. Several treatments are available to increase a man's sex drive. The follow steps represent some of your options.

1.Talk it out. Many times merely talking to a significant other can help increase a male's sex drive. If a man is dealing with some emotional issues, they may need to work them out before they regain interest in sex.

2.Reduce stress. Stress can decrease a man's sex drive. Finding ways to relax will help their sexual desire return.

3.Eat better. A poor diet will make a person lose interest in sex. To increase sex drive, consume more healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables.

4.Take a natural supplement. There have been studies conducted that find certain substances help increase a male's libido. These supplements include ginseng, tribullus, maca, horny goat weed and L-arginine.

5.Make an appointment with a physician. If your sexual desire has declined, it could be a physical problem that requires medication. Or your DHEA and testosterone levels may be low. Your doctor can test for that and precribe supplements.

6.A good diet that is rich in proteins and limited in carbohydrates and moderate in essential fats. (Carbohydrates specially those that consist of simple sugars such as potatoes increase insulin and cortisol levels in your blood which affects testosterone production negatively.)

7.Regular exercise - You must understand that both lack of physical activity and over training can lead to low testosterone levels. The ideal period to workout is 45-60 minutes in a single routine. Any more than that and your body starts producing Cortisol which inhibits and diminishes testosterone production in your body.

8.Reduced Stress - Stress is one of the major psychological factor affecting your sex drive and testosterone levels besides negative feelings like guilt, anxiety and depression. A relaxed state of mind is highly important for elevating your sex drive.

9.Good Sleep - A good sleep is going to help you raise your sex drive substantially.

10.Your Physical Activity: Physical acitivity should be a part of your regular routine. Lack of physical acitvity and excess of it should also be avoided. Workout for anywhere between 45-60 minutes on a regular basis. Anymore than that is going to increase production of cortisol which prohibits and diminishes testosterone production.


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