3 Quick Tips For Social Media Traffic

Submitted by: Jimmy Varnadore

Sometimes its not what you know, it’s who you know. The world is changing and so is the way we market. Social media marketing can change the way you do business and many people are jumping on the train to market through building relationships online.

1. Get savvy with Facebook the number 1 site for social media marketing

Facebook is a social media empire with over 1 billion people who have a Facebook account and most users will check there accounts multiple times every single day. Out of the huge amounts of people on Facebook, their is sure to be people who are interested in the opportunity or product that you are selling within your niche. The key is to develop a system that is attractive and that has people chasing you rather than you chasing them. But lets not be spammy. Do it the ri


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ght way. Connect with your friends. That is what its for right. Post on their pictures and comment on their new posts and be sure to post new stuff on your page as well. Its quid pro quo. Whenever you give to others they feel more inclined to give back to you. When looking for others who may also be interested in joining your business go to the people you may know link on Facebook. These are friends of your friends. Send a message and add them.”Hey I’m friends with Tommy, I see you like the Miami Heat, add me. Once they do immediately start posting on their status updates as well and begin to build on that relationship. Going for friends of friends really is only necessary only once you’ve gone through your own personal friends. When posting on your own page, the key here is to not make every single post about your business. But post everyday and build your credibility. Post about your business as if its something new you’ve found and you are just letting everyone else know about it. This is far more attractive than saying hey check out my new business and by my products. This same technique can be used on other social media sites. If you plan on using this as your main avenue for marketing, I’d suggest you join all of them and begin making friends within your niche.

2. Onlywire.com: send one post to all of your social media sites instantly

Onlywire.com is a great tool for social media marketing. If you’re subscribed to 50 different social media sites, you can send a post and have it auto-submit all 50 sites at one time. This will save you massive amounts of time and is definitely worth looking into because time is money friend! Build relationships by asking for advice from others. Everyone loves when you come to them for advice. After getting advice feel free to give your own. Feel free to just tell people the benefits of your business. People want to know about how your offer or product can benefit them and not just the features An example of a benefit is ” When you join companyAonline you will work less time and make more money than you do at your corporate job. An example of a feature is “This company has 10,000 offices all over the world with over 120,000 employees. Sure that’s nice but there’s no personal benefits in that. So tell less features and more benefits.

3. Empire Avenue: Social Media game that can turn fake money into real dollars

A great site to network and create relationships over multiple social media sites is empire avenue. On this site you will post missions for others to do. This mission may be to like your Facebook business page for 5000 E. It uses fake money in order to promote activity on social media sights. This is great for an online business because people are not checking out your site because you told them to but because you are paying them to. Someone may be attracted to your mission because its a high fake money amount to complete it and then become genuinely interested in YOUR opportunity. I’ve gained many friends on Facebook and twitter just from this site and many people on it are like minded.

Social media marketing is just one form of marketing. It isn’t the only one but it is free and it will produce results. So when you are networking try to give value to others without expecting anything in return and you will be amazed at the results


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